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skill.Avail real time data in UCCE 8

Hello, all. We have UCCE 8.5 and we're using ICM script node 'route select' to do skill group routing in an agent surplus condition. We want to route the call to skill group in the order the SG listed  in the node. I've put a '*.Avail>0' in the if condition. However it doesn't seem to pick up that value reall time. I also used '*.Ready>0' but again it is the same. What I mean is that sometimes even if agent becomes available after a call when I dial the number the call goes to the next skill and not this one. It seems that the system still thinks there's no agent available for that first skill group. I also tried to have multiple 'route select' with only one skill group in each but it is still the same.

It will not matter if I have to route the call to the skill group in the order listed when there's agent available for all listed skill groups since the next 'queue to skill' will send the call to agent anyway. However I need to use the order to select the skill groups.

I did a '1' in if condition, and checked 'enable target requery'. It worked but it will throw error messages in router if there's no available agent in first skill group. Also target requery for one single node seems to only allow 1 requery.

Is this a bug for *.Avail? Any suggestion?


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Re: skill.Avail real time data in UCCE 8

I would suggest using .Ready>0 , ie Sales.Ready>0

I don't believe the skill node understands the "*" the way you expect it.

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