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Skillgroups not showing in Webview Historical Reports

I have a TAC case open on this, but nothing we've tried has helped. I can see the skillgroups in Webview using Realtime reports. For some reason, no data is returned for any skillgroup configured when running a historical report. I can see historical reports for "Agents by skillgroup". I can see historical reports on routes. We do not have any sub-skillgroups configured (only base). I can go into the database and see data in the skillgroup tables. I've created new skillgroups and routed calls to the new skillgroups to see if they would show up in reports...nothing. Any clue on could be the problem? I'm all out of ideas.


Re: Skillgroups not showing in Webview Historical Reports


we had a similar problem, and it was because of looking into the WV reports using Internet Explorer 7.0... does ANY real time report show anything useful?

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Re: Skillgroups not showing in Webview Historical Reports

I've heard others having that issue with IE 7.0 too. We haven't gone to 7.0 yet for a variety of reasons.

Fortunately, TAC fixed our issue. Turns out there was a problem in the "views" within the database. TAC created a defect ID number for it. It's CSCsi47473.

As for the usefulness of real time reports, it's very useful for managers in call centers that are essentially sweat shops. Depending on the real time report selected, the manager can see if an agent is trying to manipulate their "LAA" time Or spending too much time in "wrap up".

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