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Skills Based Scripting

I have a situation where the I would like to have 3 different severity level queues along with agents with different skill sets. So if a caller selects a particular product and then a particular severity level of their issue they will be routed to the available agent with the highest skill set for that product in the Severity 1 queue. But, I also want the other agents that are assigned to other Severity queues to be able to pick up a Severity 1 call if no other agents from that queue are able to handle that and vice versa if a call goes to the Severity level 3 queue but only severity level 1 agents are available. Basically, all severity 1 calls get handled first then severity level 2 and so on.

So what would be the best way to handle this??

I was thinking about creating 3 severity level skill queues, assigning certain agents to certain severity queues and also assigning these agents product skills. I?m unclear if all the skills configuration is handled within the CRS administration pages and/or Desktop Administrator or if I need to do any settings within the script or do I just need to get the call routed to the correct severity level queue and the rest gets taken care of by the settings within the RmCm page.

Thanks for the help.

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Re: Skills Based Scripting

You'll need either IPCC Enhanced or Premium, you cannot do skill based routing with IPCC Standard, so make sure you've got the right software license.

Here is what you do in CRS (IPCC) rmcm subsystem:

1. create a skill for every products you have

2. create a CSQ for every product set a group of agents can handle, make the resource selection criteria "Most Skilled", add the skills and assign required competency level to it

3. Add skills to agents, set the competancy in order of the agent's ability to handle a products.

4. Within a script based on Menu, queue the appropriate CSQ.

take a look at page 4-31 of this doc for some examples

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Re: Skills Based Scripting

So if i had 10 products I would have 10 CSQ's? That doesn't seem right. Also, how would I deal with severity levels of the calls?


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Re: Skills Based Scripting

No, you would have 10 skills. Each CSQ can have multiple skills. Assume you have the following skills:

-new accounts



you could have the following CSQ:

-Spanish_billing_CSQ with the folowing skills

-Spanish (compatency at least 7)

-Billing (5)

Let's assume you have 2 agents Jose, and Maria with following skill levels

Jose - Spanish (10), Billing (5)

Maria - Spanish (8), Billing (6)

Using the Most skilled algorithm Jose will always be presented the fisrt call from Spanish_billing_CSQ. In your script to queue to the right CSQ you would ask the caller series of questions, such as press 1 for English 2 for Spanish, followed by press 1 for billing upon which the CSQ would dynamically change.

It can be as complex or as simple as you want it.


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Re: Skills Based Scripting

Hi Chris,

I have a similar request:

CSQ1 with skill1(5) and most skilled algorithm

CSQ2 with skill2(5) and most skilled algorithm

Agent1 with skill1(10) e skill2(5) is in both CSQs.

A call in CSQ1 must be always answered first without consider waiting time.

I notice in my lab that as soon agent1 becomes ready, the system connects the first call presented, without consider agent1's competence level.

Have you any idea to force handling calls in CSQ1 first?



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Re: Skills Based Scripting

That's correct, since the agent is capable of hadling either CSQ and he/she is ready he will take the first available call from either CSQ.

The way most skilled algorithm works it pick the most skilled agent from that CSQ, so consider Agen1 with skill1 (10) and Agent2 with skill1 (5), if both agents are ready Agent1 will always be presented with the first call.

To resolve your issue you could assign higher priority to CSQ 1 calls, but this would only work if call to CSQ1 and CSQ2 are sitting in queue and Agent1 becomes READY. If Agent1 is ready and a call comes in to CSQ2 it will be presented to Agent1.

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Re: Skills Based Scripting

Could you set it up where you have 3 CSQ's based on priority levels with the same skills in each queue. Then when a call comes into that CSQ it could find the most skilled agent for the particular skill they are calling about. Or is there no way of marking a call with a particular skill you can only send a call to a particular queue and the only markings you can give the call are priority based?



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