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SMS to UCCX Queue

Customer has UCCX 9.  They want their customers to send SMS text messages that can be answered by agents as return SMS messages.   Can this be done with UCCX and if so, what product would you use in order to make this work?


Hi,not out of the box,


not out of the box, unfortunately. But here's an alternative: take a look at the market and either use an on premises SMS gateway (for instance, Ozeki) or a service provided by a third party. The key is that the SMS gateway must have a relatively simple interface to program against, - for example, HTTP or SQL.

An example process flow:

  1. customer's incoming SMS is accepted up by SMS gateway,
  2. SMS gateway transforms SMS and inserts its body and metadata (e.g. phone number) into a database table,
  3. an application takes a look at this database table and also takes a look at the UCCX to get the ID of an available agent,
  4. agent gets a notification in CAD (using the embedded web browser) and answers the SMS,
  5. application hands the SMS over to SMS gateway,
  6. SMS gateway sends SMS.

Naturally, this works without UCCX as well.

Ozeki is a reliable product, I can only recommend it. I have used their tools for other projects.


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We built this: that can receive an SMS, then either convert it to an Email or keep it as an SMS, distributes it to the agent (in the case of CCX and Finesse with Socialminer Email; in the case of CCE with the UQ API), then gives the agent the ability to respond to the SMS from within Finesse.


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