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some inquiries on cvp 4x reporting


i have the following inquiries on reporting in CVP 4.0:

1: how is the reporting server licensed, is it activated once it is installed during cvp software installation, or i have to purchase an explicit license to get the reporting server activated and running? if there is an explicit license please what's its part number?

2: i can see in the dynamic config tool the following cvp 4x report options: CVP-4X-RPT-PRE: CVP 4X Report System - Premium


CVP-4X-RPT-STD: CVP 4X Report System - standard

what is the difference between both?

is it related to if the reporting server runs on the same cvp call server or on a seperate server?

i mean do i need either of them if i want to run the report server on a seperate machine? and don't need either if i want to run report server on the same call server?

3: can u bring to light the idea behind the following paragraph from reporting guide for cvp 4.0:

(Unified CVP does not provide a native reporting engine. A third-party reporting engine, suchas Crystal Reports, can be used to generate various reports against the predefined Unified CVPdatabase schema. Unified CVP does provide, as examples, a few sample report templates)

i did not get the idea?

please help


Cisco Employee

Re: some inquiries on cvp 4x reporting

Hi Harb(I hope I captured your surname right),

will try to answer some of your questions, the reporting interface on CVP is more from an operational standpoints, you take the records of the routed calls in raw format and load them in a reporting tool to capture the operational info of the system.

Basically you could look at it like a monitoring tool for the activity of the IVR, if you want reporting data on SLAs or other queueing statistics you are better off with Webview and the standard UCC reporting solutions.



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