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New Member

Some Issue about WEBVIEW

Im having an issue with Webview (IPCC 6.0 Ent). When i select Agent->Agent->Agent Task Detail Activity i choose one AGent for Example, i get as Statistik:

The Skillgroup of the AGent


The Default Skillgroup_Cisco_Voice..

the last one as i know is where Outgoing Calls are recorded.

Questions i have:

1- What s the Difference between Tasks and Calls

2- what does "External Out Tasks" exactly means

3- what does "Internal Out Tasks" exactly means

4 Why im getting in the Webviewreport(see attachment):

Cisco_Voice.default: Internal Out Tasks:861

Hotline(5233): Internal Out Tasks: 31

what s the difference between the 2?



Re: Some Issue about WEBVIEW

Tasks and calls are categorized differently as agents can receive work flow from voice calls, email, IM, and chat in IPCC 6. Voice calls are considered "calls" while email, IM, and chat are considered "tasks". (Not sure if calls are bulked in with tasks in 6.0 - they seem to be in 5.0).

External and internal out tasks are outbound agent activity categorized as internal to the IPCC environment and external to IPCC (example: transfers & conferences vs. campaign outbound calls).

Hope this answers your questions somewhat.

New Member

Re: Some Issue about WEBVIEW

Thanks tbramwe, but i still dont understand the difference between External out and Internal out tasks. I thought internal out where all outgoing calls made by an agent who is calling someone within a Callmanager Cluster, External out tasks are calls that goes through Gateways (to PSTN)???

still need answer for 4).


Re: Some Issue about WEBVIEW


You are correct. Internal out tasks in our deployment are categorized as tasks completed to resources internal to the IPCC environment from IVR ports or agents (transfers to queues, skill groups, or agents internal to the cluster) while external out tasks are completed to resources outside IPCC (an example we have is a call sent to a toll free number or other local/LD destination through the PSTN via CCM/PRIs). The only doc I found to confirm this is attached, below. Some IPCC Webview training informaiton (print form) we have provided a more detailed definition of the call handling. Agent calls are categorzed similarly per the training doc.

In response to #4, depending on how the IVR ports and agent skill groups are configured in your system outbound tasks may be bulked into the external group. Calls through intercluster trunks would also be tagged as external. I cannot confirm how calls to a separate IPCC application on the same system would react - external or internal - as a new set of admin and IVR scripts would be invoked.

I'll keep looking and let you know if I find other resources to further define this.


New Member

Re: Some Issue about WEBVIEW

Thank you for your Answer.

I found a very interesting Doc, Page:57

Tasks can be either internal or external. Internal tasks are calls made to an agent from another person on

the same Cisco CallManager cluster. Internal tasks are also calls that encounter busy or an overflow

conditions in a script. For example, calls whose Call Type is requalified in a script "overflow" from the

first call type into second call type. Overflow might occur in VRU application scripts, where Call Type

requalify is used to separate information gathering from queuing, or, if ISN is the VRU, in Redirection

on No Answer situations in which the Router requalifies the call type to assign the call to a different


External tasks are tasks that go through a voice gateway or Media Routing PG or tasks that are routed to

an agent from a person on a different Cisco CallManager cluster. For example, calls from customers go

through voice gateways to reach the contact center and are considered external. Only Voice calls can be

external or internal; single-session chat, multi-session chat, eMail, and Blended Collaboration task are

always external.

In addition to being internal or external, tasks can be incoming or outgoing. An incoming task is a task

that an agent receives. An outgoing task is a call that an agent places. For example, if a customer calls

an agent, the call is incoming for the agent. If an agent calls a supervisor, the call is outgoing for the

agent. Voice calls can be either incoming and outgoing; single-session chat, multi-session chat, eMail,

and Blended Collaboration task are always incoming.

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