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Sprawler - VRUPIM Error

on a sprawler i have, i am getting the following error message from the VRUPIM1:

"07:08:27 pg1A-pim1 Trace: VRUPeripheral::RequestInstruction: Failed to find NetworkTrunkGroup for TrunkGroupID 0"

this message comes up when i call my RP. the first node after START in my script is a Translation to VRU node. this node then goes to a RunExternalScript node that runs an IVR script to collect digits, then goes to a CED node then onto the appropriate QueueToSkillGroup.

the VRU script asks for the entered digits then the UNRECOVERABLE ERROR script runs stating "we are experiencing technical difficulties. please call back later..."

can anyone help with direction on this? TAC is not able to point me in the right direction. (i may escalate)


Re: Sprawler - VRUPIM Error

I had the same issue. Just go to Config Manager->Network Trunk Group Explorer and add a new trunkgroup which then must contain a trunk (your VRU)


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Re: Sprawler - VRUPIM Error

when creating the TRUNK, what would my TrunkType be? i dont see a specific VRU type.

i'm using ICM 6.0.0

IVR 3.53

New Member

Re: Sprawler - VRUPIM Error

AFter you add the Network Trunk Group, add a Trunk Group with the IVR peripheral selected and the Peripheral Number should match the Tranlsation Routing Application ID in the IVR


Re: Sprawler - VRUPIM Error

i got this correct. i did have the wrong PeripheralID associated, it should be ZERO, the same as the CTI controlGroup number.

the last post though stated to setup a trunk(s) in the trunkGroup. is this correct? if so, what is the TrunkType? there is no VRU trunkType, only DID, LocalCO, tieLine, etc.

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