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SQL Authentication UCCX 7.0(1) w/HA

I'm running UCCX 7 HA and I need access to the SQL data via MS Reporting Services.

Since I'm running in High Availability can I change the standby server to Mixed-Mode authentication and leave the active/primary server in "Windows Only" authentication so that my Cisco Historical Reports application still works. I then can use SQL auth for MS Reporting Services on the standby server and use Cisco Historical Reporting against the Active/Primary server.

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Re: SQL Authentication UCCX 7.0(1) w/HA

When you mention Standby server, is it the 2nd node of the UCCX - HA Cluster (2 Node Cluster). Cisco UCCX does not support Mixed Mode authentication, uses only NT Authentication, which is setup by the Custom SQL installation provided by Cisco. You might face sync issues doing the change, as well TAC might not support in case of issues.

You can perform a workaround using the NT authentication:

Create a user on both the UCCX server using Computer Management. Add the user to the Administrative group.

Create the same user with same password on the system from which you want to access the SQL Reporting services on a separate machine.

Test the access to the UCCX SQL DB using the ODBC connection from the separate machine.


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