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SQL query from script editor


Our environment is IPCC Enterprise 7.0.

I'm made some test with external system.

I'm want to received parameters from the external system due SQL database.

My questions:

1. How can I get unique parameter from the external system (for DBLookup)?

2. Can I make free select queries via the script editor?



Re: SQL query from script editor

When a user is updated in LDAP, there can be a period of time of up to 10 minutes before the sync thread runs. During this time, there can be agent login issues. This can be avoided by going to the resource page and listing the resources.

This automatically executes the sync of the Structured Query Language (SQL) DB to the LDAP data. In addition, the Spanlink LCC data can be synced to the SQL DB manually by running the Synchronize Directory Services process in the Desktop Administrator.

To execute the sync, start the Desktop Administrator, highlight the locations and select Setup > Synchronize Directory Services.

This is an example:

Agent2 with extension 1002 can log in fine.

Change Agent2's IPCC Express extension to 1001 by using CCMAdmin and changing the user device association.

Attempt to log in before the 10 minute synch thread runs and without listing the resource page.

The Cisco Agent Desktop shows: Unable to log agent in.

Check the Cisco Customer Response Solutions (CRS) log (with IPCC Express Computer Telephony Integration [CTI] debugs turned on) and there will be an entry showing:


To resolve this issue, list the resource page or wait 10 minutes and try again.


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Re: SQL query from script editor

If I understand your question, you wish to use the DBlookup as if it were a normal SQL query. I fear that you are limited to using the information you received with the call or have calculated in the script to "build" a unique identifier that can be passed to the DB lookup step. It works fine for callerid or the area code portion of the callerid.

You will need to invoke an IVR for access to a real SQL query engine.

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