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Stop agents chatting to one another IPCCX 4.0(4)

Hi i am wondering if it is possible to have agents only chat to supervisors. I have heard of a high-availability chat that only goes to supervisors. Does anyone know if this is configurable in IPCCX 4.0(4) ??

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Re: Stop agents chatting to one another IPCCX 4.0(4)

One option would be to add a workflow button that opens a chat window directly with the supervisor. Once you have that you can remove the standard chat button.

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Re: Stop agents chatting to one another IPCCX 4.0(4)

How would i go about doing that? Are you able to point me to some documentation on doing this type of thing.



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Re: Stop agents chatting to one another IPCCX 4.0(4)

It would be done within Desktop Administrator.

Cisco Desktop Administrator User's Guide 6.4 for Unified CM:

The document explains all of it but here's the quick-start version.

To remove the standard chat button:

1. Open CDA

2. Expand to / Desktop Configuration / Work Flow Groups / Agents / / User Interface.

Note: There will be a "default" workflow that is used by all users by default. You can change what workflow an agent uses under Personnel Configuration. It is recommended that you not modify the default workflow - there is nothing stopping you and it will work - because it could get reset to "default" during an upgrade/patch.

3. On the Toolbar tab, find the chat button and deselect the Visible check box.

To add the "chat with supervisor" Task:

4. Select an unused Task button (you can configure up to 10 per workflow).

5. Select the Visible check box and assign a Hint [label]. Optionally assign an Icon that makes sense... such as the Chat icon.

6. Add an Action. The Utility action (such as chat) is what you are looking for.

7. Click OK to return to the Toolbar tab and then Apply.

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Re: Stop agents chatting to one another IPCCX 4.0(4)

Hi.There is no possibility to stop chat between agents ,since chat between agent and Supervisor is enable by default.

Below is from cisco document. You can see the the last line Note:

Q. How can I keep the Call Chat window from appearing during a call?

A. The Call Chat window appears in the foreground if the system is not configured to stealth mode. Choose Desktop Configuration > Workflow Group > Agents > Default > User Interface >Miscellaneous in order to change the configuration. Change the Agent Window Behavior to stealth mode.

Or, you can make a change in the userinterface.ini file on the server. In this file, find the line that has ViewOption=. Then, change this value from NORMAL to STEALTH.

Note: You cannot disable the Call Chat window. However, as an alternative, you can configure the Call Chat window to operate in stealth mode. This will save desktop space because the Call Chat window will not pop up to the front.

Note: There is no supported method to prevent agent-to-agent chat while allowing agent-to-supervisor chat.



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