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Subflow script.

Let me start by saying I'm a novice!

I have a application and script (UK_MAIN) the first thing it does is call another script to check for holidays (UK_HOLIDAY_CHECK).  Everything works fine!

I then required exactly the same script for our German location but with German greetings and different CSQ's, so being the simpleton that I am I thought I'd copy the two scripts with new names (replaceing UK with KRO).

When I update the KRO_MAIN script to call KRO_HOLIDAY_CHECK the script fails, however if I leave KRO_MAIN calling UK_HOLIDAY_CHECK then all works OK, I'm struggling to understand why as KRO_HOLIDAY_CHECK is just a copy of UK_HOLIDAY_CHECK.  (I need to get KRO_HOLIDAY_CHECK to work as germany will obviously have different holidays to the UK).

Not sure if I've given anyone enough info to help me diagnoise the problem but any help would be much appreciated.



Subflow script.


can you please give us more details on where and how it fails. Is there an error message, perhaps. Can you do reactive debugging?


New Member

Subflow script.

Thanks for getting back to me.

I've actually managed to get it to work, I'm just not sure how!  I basically deleted the Holiday Check script, and instead of saving a copy directly to the server, I saved it to my local machine then used the upload script option and uploaded the script from my desktop.  Hey presto it worked, yet it was EXACTLY the same script!

Not sure if there was something corrupted but it's working fine now.

Again thanks for taking the time to reply.

Subflow script.

Hmm. Odd.

Yes, UCCX may force you to do such magic tricks, like removing and uploading again.

Anyway, thanks for sharing the info.


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