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Survivability getting triggered automatically.

Hi ,

we have 3 VG's with around 40 PRI's terminated for CVP setup, we have configured a hunt group in CCM for survivability . from last week automatically survivablity is triggering for certain intervals n calls are landing directly to the extn;s eventhough there are no issues with any servers, LAN and WAN links. can you advice what made these triggered..


Re: Survivability getting triggered automatically.

If you are using SIP, I would turn on debug ccsip messages and send that to your syslog server.

Search through there for 500 error codes that indicate something failing downstream of the voice gateway, making the dial peer fail and forcing survivability, running under the pots dial peer, to deflect the call into your ephones.

There could also be some congestion that's causing INVITES to time out - what is the SIP retry strategy on the VG and what are the timeouts?



New Member

Re: Survivability getting triggered automatically.

thanks Geoff , Timedout of 2000ms is configured with 2 times SIP strategy . and when was analzing the logs , noticed when i ping VG to CVP server there was some RTO's in b\w. i guess this n\w prob caused the survivablity to get trigger. am i right ?? if not what could be the other issue??

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