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Switching between CDA Reason Codes

Hey everyone!

Has anyone figured out how to switch between Desktop Agent "Not Ready" Reason Codes without going to Ready?

My users are always complaining about getting a call during those two seconds of going ready, before hitting not ready again.

Using IPCC Express Premium 4.5(2)

I have found quite a few people wondering the same as me. Lots of google results, but none that resulted in answers.

I'm hoping to find some here!

Thanks everyone!


Re: Switching between CDA Reason Codes

It's not possible in 4x or 5x, not sure about 7x or 8x (road map).

One thing to try is to unplug the phone, then go to lunch. =)

Anthony Holloway

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Community Member

Re: Switching between CDA Reason Codes

HA! =) Love it.

Yeah. I do understand why it doesn't let you, since you aren't exactly changing states.

But, I was hoping someone may know a workaround or hack to get it to do that.

Thanks for your reply, avholloway!

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Re: Switching between CDA Reason Codes

We are looking to do the same thing. One thing I saw is if they go into the Work state first then they can go not ready and choose a reason after the work state.

But we are ultimately looking to be able to change reason codes without having the user go into Ready status.

Community Member

Re: Switching between CDA Reason Codes

Good Luck with that! If you find a way, please post for the rest of us!

Unfortunately, I've had to tell the departments to either stay on the current workstate, or risk receiving a call and have a RNA or just accept the call.

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Re: Switching between CDA Reason Codes

I have a similar issue on a 5.0(2) system where the customer is also using Calabrio WFM with schedule adherence. The inability to change Not Ready reasons literally prevents agents from adhering to their schedule if, say, they want to move from an hour of "Not Ready - Lunch" to the next hour of "Not Ready - Training" - as an example.

The good news is that this issue has been addressed in 7.x (per the Calabrio product manager for CAD).

Good luck.

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