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TAPS on CCM4.2(3), CRS4.0.4, BAT 5.2

Has anybody experience with this combination? I cannot get the TAPS.aef script running, the "Play prompt" step does not plays the TAPS prompts; the TAPS application setup is similar to application using aa.aef script, which works OK.


Re: TAPS on CCM4.2(3), CRS4.0.4, BAT 5.2

The way the TAP.aef is uploaded for CRS 4.0.4 has changed from previous documented procedures. The new way has you upload an AAR file to install the Taps.aef. Can you verify that you loaded it this way. Here is the document on it. This is the 4.2 release notes, search for TAPS Installation.

There is a new procedure for installing and configuring Cisco Tool for Auto-Registered

Phone Support (TAPS) in IPCCx 4.0 as follows:

Step 1 After installing the TAPS plugin, go to the AAR Management page in CRS Admin

and upload the TAPS AAR.aar file. After uploading TAPS.aar, an application

called TAPS gets created and the TAPS.aef script gets uploaded.

Step 2 Browse to C:\TAPS\.

Step 3 Open the TAPS application from the Application Management page.

Step 4 From the Script* pull-down menu, select TAPS.aef.

Step 5 Click Update.

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Re: TAPS on CCM4.2(3), CRS4.0.4, BAT 5.2

I wrote up a little doc on this for myself. Mabey this will help.

Taps procedure

To install taps on ccm 4.2 and ipcc 4.0.4

Install bat on pub

enable auto reg

install taps on pub

start taps service.

If taps service fails because of logon error. mabey you are hitting a bug try this work around

"By default TAPS service uses CCMServiceRW. As a workaround, start the service using administrator account. Change the logon information on Cisco TAPS service using windows services pane. Before starting the service, copy the .java.policy file from C:\Documents and Settings\CCMServiceRW\ to C:\Documents and Settings\administrator\. This is done on CM server where Cisco TAPS service is installed. Try starting the service again."

once you have the taps service started. go to crs server. This procedure assumes that crs is working

Browse to ccm pub and install the taps on the crs box follow prompts.

After finish of this process go to app admin

if there is a taps app and scrips delete them

Go to application aar

browse to a c/taps/taps.aar

upload the file

After the upload a message displays saying to restart node manage on all nodes in cluster go ahead and do it.

this creates the taps.aef and taps application for you

go steer a jtapi trigger to the new taps app

your done.

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Re: TAPS on CCM4.2(3), CRS4.0.4, BAT 5.2

Thanks mate. That was a big help. I was getting error 1067 when trying to start the TAPS service. Copied java.policy over as described above and it works fine!

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Re: TAPS on CCM4.2(3), CRS4.0.4, BAT 5.2


i follow all steps you make but the problem is that recoded message " i am sorry we currently expriencing system problem" when i upload TAPS.aar the new application "CRS Cisco TAPS Application" created but without scripts when i try to choose the created scripts TAPS.aef the messeg "could not find script TAPS.aef please verify script name or its path" when i dial JTAPI trigger it accept call and CTI port take call and then recoded appear it seems the application scripts not running.

kind regards

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Re: TAPS on CCM4.2(3), CRS4.0.4, BAT 5.2


I know about one cause of my troubles with TAPS.

During IPCC Express (CRS 4.0) installation I have choosen G.729 codec for prompt. Afterwards I have installed the TAPS, and I have found then that the TAPS prompts are using codec G.711 ulaw. I had no time yet to convert the prompts to G.729 to check, whether the TAPS script will work then.


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Re: TAPS on CCM4.2(3), CRS4.0.4, BAT 5.2

Are you running redundant servers?

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Re: TAPS on CCM4.2(3), CRS4.0.4, BAT 5.2

Followed this ok but I do not see the TAPS service on my PUB

CM version 4.2