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TCD Question - Determine Hang up Initiation

In UCCE I was wondering if there is a way to identify whether a call was ended by an agent or if the caller hung up.  I thought there was an agent report or a query that would capture this information, but I have yet to find anything that would help me find this information.  If anyone could provide any help here I would greatly appreciate it.  Thanks. 


Re: TCD Question - Determine Hang up Initiation

Looking at the Schema Guide and the possible values of the Call Disposition column of the TCD, it does not appear to me that this is possible.



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Re: TCD Question - Determine Hang up Initiation

Thanks Geoff.  I have been searching all throughout the schema and I haven't been able to find anything that would give me the information I'm looking for.  The closest thing I found was the little blurb I found below.  We tested this by having someone call into a queue and having the agent hang up but it wasn't increasing this column so I don't believe that will help either.  I appreciate you taking the time to respond though.  Thanks for your help,

*Agent Term Tasks

The total number of ACD calls that were terminated by agents before the far end released. The value is updated in the database at the time the call disconnects. The value includes AgentOutCalls and CallsHandled for the agents in the skill group.

Derived from: Agent_Skill_Group_Half_Hour.AgentTerminatedCallsToHalf.

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