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Team Skill Group Association



I am looking for a point in the right direction with a configuration change.  The layout is this, UCCE 8.0(AWHDSDDS/PROGGER) with IP/IVR as a queueing source.  They have a CTIOS server running on the PG that's running CAD/CSD.  My question is this, I created a new Skill Group in ICM, associated agents amended both the IVR Script and ICM Script.  Functionally everything is fine.  I just need to find out where I would go to associate this newly created Skill Group to the respective Team that it belongs to.  This way when you look under team in CSD, you see the new SG in there.


Thanks in advance for the assistance,




Hi Sean,it does not work that

Hi Sean,

it does not work that way, unfortunately. You assign agent profiles, not skill groups, to teams.

An agent may belong to zero or more skill groups.

An agent may also belong to zero or one team.

Skill groups are groups used when making call routing decisions.

Teams are provided to group agents using a different aspect.

For instance, you may have a skill group named "Support" and "Sales", but you also want to group agents by their geographic location - you can use teams for that.

To sum it up, if you want anything to appear in the context of an agent team, you will have to assign agents to a team.


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