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The Agent ID is Invalid

I have a user that I have set up for our Contact Center but when that user tries to log into the system, the error returned is the "The Aget ID is Invalid". Any thing stand out to look at? Thank you

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Re: The Agent ID is Invalid

These are the troubleshooting steps I use when I have this problem. I am assuming this is the Agent Desktop.

1. Goto the Agent's LDAP(CCMuser)and make sure that the ICD extension is marked with the "ICD Extension" radio button. (This is usually the cause)

2. Make sure that the Agent's ICD Extension is associated with the "RM-ICD" user (no primary ext/no icd extension)

3. Make sure you see the Agent/DN on the IPCC Express Server "Subsystems-->ICD-->Resources"

4. Verify that your Agent's LDAP user's PW is correct (I usually test it with \ccmuser site)

**** 5. ONLY DO THIS IS YOU ARE USING The IP Phone Agent... Associate the Agent's ICD Extension with the telecaster LDAP user (No primary ext/no ICD ext).



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Re: The Agent ID is Invalid

1. Agent User ID should have Enable CTI Application

option enabled and associate the agent ID to

agent phone. Make sure ICD Extension is enabled


2. Associate agent phone with RM JTAPI user created.

3. Verify that the agent name shows up under

Resources under ICD Subsystem in CRS Admin page.

4. If the agent name shows up in resources page

under ICD Subsystem and you still get the error

message a agent ID is invalid, then there is

Directory sync problem.

5. Go to Cisco Desktop Administrator and verify that

the agent name shows under Personnel - Agent list.

If the agent doesn't show up there then it is

synchronization problem.

6. To manually Synchronize, Go to desktop

administrator, in left pane, choose Locations,

From the Setup menu, select Synchronize

Directory Services.

You should get a message as whether the synchronization is complete or whether there was a problem. If the synchronization wasn't successful then there might a password problem, which can be fixed by changing the password in registry.

If the synchronization isn't successful let me know, I can let you know where to change the password in regsitry.

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Re: The Agent ID is Invalid


I have problem with synchronization. Please, let me know how I can fix the problem.

Guys from TAC are not helpfull.

Thanks a lot !



Re: The Agent ID is Invalid

What error are you getting when you do synchronization in the desktop administrator? Have you opened a TAC case?

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Re: The Agent ID is Invalid

After you've done all this and it still doesn't work... stop and start your CRA Engine service. Worked for me...

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