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New Member

There are no string with RouterCallKeySequenceNumber = 0


In Termination_Call_Detail some calls don't have string with  RouterCallKeySequenceNumber = 0.  Only 1,2.. end etc..

There are no some regularity for this calls.

Why it may happens?


This sounds like a strange

This sounds like a strange issue. Do you have any specific examples you could share?


New Member

Hi, Jameson!This is SQL

Hi, Jameson!

This is SQL request:

DECLARE @dt_s datetime, @dt_e datetime
SET @dt_s = '2014-06-04'
SET @dt_e = '2014-06-07'

SELECT RCD.RouterCallKeyDay, RCD.RouterCallKey
, [SeqN] = sum(CASE WHEN TCD.RouterCallKeySequenceNumber = 0 THEN 1 ELSE 0
FROM ipcc_hds.dbo.t_Route_Call_Detail RCD
LEFT JOIN ipcc_hds.dbo.t_Termination_Call_Detail TCD WITH (INDEX
(XIE5Termination_Call_Detail)) ON TCD.RouterCallKeyDay = RCD.RouterCallKeyDay
AND TCD.RouterCallKey = RCD.RouterCallKey
WHERE RCD.DateTime BETWEEN @dt_s and @dt_e
AND RCD.FinalObjectID != 1009
AND RCD.CallTypeID = 5241
GROUP BY RCD.RouterCallKeyDay, RCD.RouterCallKey
LEFT JOIN ipcc_hds.dbo.t_Termination_Call_Detail TCD ON TCD.RouterCallKeyDay
= T.RouterCallKeyDay AND TCD.RouterCallKey = T.RouterCallKey
WHERE T.SeqN = 0
ORDER BY T.RouterCallKeyDay, T.RouterCallKey, TCD.RouterCallKeySequenceNumber


results in attachment

I see that many of the

I see that many of the DateTime values with missing entries clump together. I would check your B-side AWHDS for any of the missing RouterCallKeySequenceNumber=0 entries. If they exist on B side and not A side, you may have some communications issues between sides, and possibly some synchronization issues.


New Member

The problem is actual.I can't

The problem is actual.

I can't find missing RouterCallKeySequenceNumber=0 entries on B-side.

In DataBase_schema_guide is written:  This value "currently set to zero(0)"

What does it mean? It must be zero or may be zero ?

Regards, Alexey

Alexey,There should be a


There should be a RouterCallKeySequenceNumber=0 entry for every call (and usually 1,2, etc).

I've run out of ideas on this one. Perhaps this would be an issue for Cisco TAC.


New Member

Hi, Jameson.Thank you for

Hi, Jameson.

Thank you for reply. 

Alexey,I actually just came


I actually just came across this issue in my TCD table. In my case, I found the missing RouterCallKeySequenceNumber=0 entry with RouterCallKey=0 and RouterCallKeyDay=0. The ANI is the same, and the CallGUID is the same. Call Disposition is 27: Failed Software. 

The Agent experience in this case was the following:

  1. Agent answered call
  2. Agent talked to caller
  3. Agent lost call
  4. Call entered CVP survivability, was delivered according to SRST rules on voice gateway

Can you check some of the CallGUID values for your missing RouterCallKeySequenceNumber=0 and see if you have any similar behavior?


New Member

Hi, JamesonMissing

Hi, Jameson

Missing RouterCallKeySequenceNumber=0 - it's not issue - oficcial answer of Cisco TAC.   

Hi,certainly, it's not an


certainly, it's not an issue. The schema guide says: "This number is a best effort to describe the order in which call legs were created and bears no relation to the order in which calls ended." So there's no guarrantee since it's best effort.

And by the way, do not use tables (anything starting with t_, for instance t_Termination_Call_Deatil). Use the the views instead (Termination_Call_Detail).


New Member

Ок. But we found a useful

Ок. But we found a useful feature (bug?). Duration in this string = full call duration, include time after transfer internal call on external number out of CC. It's very useful for reporting in our case.

But Cisco not approved this feature (



 Whaaaaat? Wow. Can you give


Whaaaaat? Wow. Can you give me the exact ICM and CUCM version (including ES's) please. G.



New Member

 With question "What

 With question "What condition for appearing of this string?" -  i was directed  to Developer Support  ))



ICM VersionString:
8.5(3) BuildNumber=29007 ES=0 PatchInstallerVer=170

CVP Version 8.5

New Member

Important note: in my case

Important note:

 in my case call was arrived from one gw and was transfered to another..  

Alright, thanks. Just to

Alright, thanks. Just to confirm, it is the TCD we are talking about is this correct? Also, about sending you to Dev: did you talk to someone at PDI HD? Or was it just TAC? G.


New Member

Yes, disscusion about TCD

Yes, disscusion about TCD.

Just TAC...