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time server change

CCM 4.2.3, CVP 3.1, IPCC enterprise 7.1.5

The time difference between the Windows PC's and the Supervisor Desktop is apparently unacceptable; if I change time servers on the Routers, Loggers,

HDS's, PG's, ECCS, CVP, DC's, will this affect the database data or cause any major malfunctions? I realize there may be a few minutes of no data which is OK, but will it cause any other problems?


Re: time server change

Is ICM in its own domain or part of the corporate domain? You mention DCs so I'm guessing it is. Is the PDC emulator connected to an NTP source? Is that the same NTP source as the Windows domain that the Supervisor Desktop lives in?

You can get this to align but you really need to be careful. Not something to do when the system is running, in my opinion. I would want to stop all ICM/CVP processes before I changed the time.

Do you want it to go forward or back? If going back, you should leave the loggers/routers down for the time difference.

This is a little tricky.



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Re: time server change

Sorry, I should have added that; they are in their own domain with their own domain controller. The DC's get the time from microsoft time, and our PC's get the time from one of our local servers, which our PC's with supervisor desktop also get their time from. The time will be going forward 5 or 6 minutes.



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