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Trans Route Failure to IVR

I have run into an issue with a translation route to IVR (this system is running IP-IVR v4.0(4)) in my system (IPCC/ICM 7.0E). We recently added an additional IP-IVR, everything was working properly and then I started having calls that are translation routed to the IVR fail (when agents are available the calls go through); while debugging the router I noticed the following message when the call fails.

Error Message from Router:

Dialog (30 has a correlation id (0) that is unknown

For message (14) from routing client IPIVR_PIM1.rc (ID 5000) could not find dialog id (0).

Router sending dialog fail reason (11) for dialog (3)

All other application types work; this only seems to be centered on Translation Routing applications. The only information that I was able to find referenced a bug in IPCC v5.0 but did not seem to apply. Any insight into what this error means would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Trans Route Failure to IVR

It sounds like the trans routes are not configured correctly for your new PIM. Could you run a test after hours with the new PIM shutdown. Use IP phones around the call center to call the route point until you reach the capacity of the CTI port pool. You will see the number of the CTI port the trans route uses as the call bounces off the trans route DN to a CTI port. This should take you through the entire pool of ports.

Now make one more call and you should get a failure. Drop one of your IP phones out and make the call again, and it should get queued OK.

Now invert the test. Disable the original PIM and enable the new one. Make the tests again and ensure you can reach the capacity. You will find the bug.



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Re: Trans Route Failure to IVR

This issue turned out to be an issue with the media termination group ID and the Network Trunk Group peripheral id.

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