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Transfer to IVR in Outbound Campaign does not work



I am configuring an outbound predictive campaign and I need when no agents are available the customer should be transfer to my IVR, but when the call is transferred it is dropped.


When I check the debugs of the gateway I found  "Busy User" disconnected cause 17. 

I hope you can help me with this issue.


UCCE 9.0(2)

CUCM 9.1

GW 2921


My script to Transfer to IVR is like this:

My campaign configuration is like this:




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Hi, Can You also post Picture



Can You also post Picture of Your Campaign Purpose Page?

are the calls hitting IVR routing Scripts?




New Member

Hi Chintan I posted a Picture

Hi Chintan 

I posted a Picture of mu Campaign Purpose Page and yes, the calls are hitting IVR routing script.



Hi, Looks like your Dialer is



Looks like your Dialer is set up correctly, but Translation route to VRU is failing.

Are you using CVP or IP IVR, and how is the traanslation routing flow?

If you are using CVP, can you try with using Send to VRU node also, if it set up correctly.




New Member

Hi ChintanI am sorry for my

Hi Chintan

I am sorry for my late answer.

I am using CVP, I am not an expert with translation routes.

I added the send to VRU node but call fails again.



making send to VRU work is

making send to VRU work is bit tricky,

you need to have understanding of how call flows in comprehensive call flow model and network VRUs.


below are few article, that will help you on how to successfully configure  send to VRU, and troubleshoot.






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I understand but Outbound

I understand but Outbound uses MR_PG for that I can´t use "Send to VRU" I need to use Translation Route to VRU but when I use that the call is dropped.

MR_PG is a VRU type 2


Are you using SIP dialer or

Are you using SIP dialer or SCCP dialer?


You can use Send to VRU for Transfer to IVR campaign, its documented outbound option guide.

based on dialer deployment type, transfer to IVR call flow changes so lets start from scratch.




New Member

Hi ChintanI am using SIP

Hi Chintan

I am using SIP dialer.


Ok, have you configured your

Ok, have you configured your Dialer to Handle TR Label which comes as a response through MR PG, for Translation routing request?


look at below. how your dialer is configured to handle label? what is flow ?


Modification of Local Static Route File

The SIP Dialer installation process installs an empty template file named DNPHost in the \icm\customerInstanceName\Dialer directory. This file defines the static route mappings of a dialed number wildcard pattern to the IP address or host name with which an agent phone or CTI Route point is registered. For each static route you wish to define, enter a row in this file in the following format:

 wildcard pattern, IP address or host name, description 


 7?????,, transferring outbound calls to agent extensions 
86! ,, for CTI Route Points on CUCM node1 
4?????,, transfer to IVR campaign 

For single gateway deployments, the SIP Dialer reads the static routing info from DNPHost and uses the information from the file to construct the SIP REFER message. If the SIP Dialer is setup to support a voice gateway, the SIP Dialer loads DNPHost, ensures that it has valid routing entries, and sends an alarm if the file does not exist or is invalid.

See the installed DNPHost file template for additional information about its use.






New Member

Hi ChintanI modified the

Hi Chintan

I modified the DNPHost like this:


9000,,    transferring outbound calls to CTI Route Points on CUCM node1


But the call is dropped when is transferred to the IVR.


I think you are not clear on

I think you are not clear on translation route

let me try to elaborate steps you can follow for SIP dialer transfer campaign.

1. dialer initiates call to customer,and no agents are available.
2. dialer initiates transfer to IVR campaign, initiates route request on configured DN(this will be for MR PG) in Skill Group selection tab in campaign configuration.
3. DN on MR PG runs scheduled script for the call type.
4. Script executes Translation route to VRU node

translation route configuration is complex, look at the screen shot attached.
it is configured for destination Trunk Group(Group of CVP peripheral) where your call is supposed to land.

look at the label node:

this is the label will be passed back to you routing client for temporary destination, in your case it should go to MR PG.
look at Peripheral target, it is the DNIS expected  when translation routed call arrives on destined peripheral and and asks instruction to ICM.

then ICM will be able to match the call and resume its routing script.

5. tr label is returned back to MR PG. and MR PG forwards it to dialer.
6. dialer looks at its DNP host file, and finds the gateway where this label is supposed to go. (this will be SIP refer which dialer will initiate)
7.gateway matches its dial-peer for the label and sends a call to configured destination target. in your case it will be CVP configured as a peripheral target.
8. under CVP call server configuration, under ICM tab, this DNIS has to configured as TR routed DNIS. look at attached.

after all this configuration are in place, your translation route should work perfectly and your call is said to be routed to CVP.




New Member

Hi Chintan My Translation

Hi Chintan 

My Translation Route to VRU is very similar but the calls are failing.

I attached my tr configuration.

I am sorry for the inconveniences.


No issues.just check if this

No issues.

just check if this label is reaching to CVP first. edit DNPhost file to send this pattern to Voice gateway and configure Voice Gateway to send call to CVP by configuring proper Dial-peer. check your CVP logs, dialer logs and MR pg logs for what is happening to label. also attach the same so i can also look at them.




New Member

Hi ChintanI checked my CVP

Hi Chintan

I checked my CVP logs, dialer logs and MR PG logs but I did not find the reason that my transfer to ivr does not work.

I found the next on my dialer logs:


dialer-baDialer Trace: Transferring Customer port: 009, to abandon route point: [9000] 
dialer-baDialer Trace: (CPORT) SetState, port: 009, state: GET_TARGET 
dialer-baDialer Trace: MRTask::ProcessNewTaskFailureEvent: Received NACK for NEW_TASK
DialogueID=5, SendSeqNo=1, ReasonCode=Unknown routing problem 
dialer-baDialer Trace: (PDD) MR Target Acquisition Failed for port: 009, state: GET_TARGET, reason: 209 
I set "debug ccsip messages" and "debug voice ccapi inout" but I never see the "SIP REFER" to DN 9000.
In my CVP logs I never see the DN 9000.
I attached my CVP logs, dialer logs, MR_PG logs and my DNPHost file. is my Voice Gateway.
The call was at 14:57.
I hope you can help me to find my error.

there are some confusing

there are some confusing configuration.


1. the Dialed number for IVR campaign is 9000 and the same label you are passing back to dialer for Translation route, this can confuse dialer on what to do. you can change that.


2. In DNPhost you are transferring pattern 9000 to CUCM(CTI RP).

why? you have to transfer it to VG and Voice gateway will match CVP based on Dial-peer. 


so you need understand flow first.


i am also going to try this in my lab , and will try to produce result you are looking for.






New Member

Hi ChintanThank you very much

Hi Chintan

Thank you very much for your  help. If you want you can check my config in my lab.


i am currently goin through

i am currently goin through Outbound option guide 9.0(4) and i am going to try sip dialer and will try your prototype as well.




New Member

thank you Chintan, I am

thank you Chintan, I am reading the Outbound Option Guide but I don't find any new.

I hope you can help me.


Dear Chintan,  i am facing a

Dear Chintan, 


i am facing a probem while configuring IVR campaign. result of the set up is that i am getting call in the number specified in the contact list, but not able to hear any IVR prompt since the call is failing at SendToVRU node. 

i had configured almost everything as specified in the guide except trunk as you mentioned in the previous post. 

1. configured the DNP host file with my lable 1515 and point to CVP server

2. in CVP , configured the static routing for 15> to vxml server group. 

but i couldnt see the call traces in CVP. but i am hearing CVP error tone. 

3. in VXML gateway , configured the dialpeer with incoming numer 15T with bootstrap. 

below is the rtr traces

22:53:29:727 ra-rtr Trace: (18616 x 0 : 0 0) NewCall: CID=(151292,29366599), DN=7673, ANI=07701105437, CED=, RCID=5009, MRDID=1, CallAtVRU=1, OpCode=0

22:53:29:727 ra-rtr Trace: (18616 x 0 : 0 0) Customer (1) has no valid network vru defined - using default.

22:53:29:727 ra-rtr Trace: (18616 x 0 : 0 0) Customer (1) has no valid network vru defined - using default.

22:53:29:727 ra-rtr Trace: (18616 x 0 : 0 0) Correlation id for dialog is (8438).

22:53:29:727 ra-rtr Trace: (18616 x 8438 : 0 0) TransferToVRU: Label=1515, CorID=8438, VRUID=5000, RCID=5009

22:53:29:727 ra-rtr Trace: (18616 x 8438 : 0 0) TransferConnect sent. Dialog pending.

22:53:49:504 ra-rtr Trace: (18616 x 8438 : 0 0) Dialog timed out callstate is :(1).

22:53:49:504 ra-rtr Trace: (18616 x 8438 : 0 0) Dialog resuming (Script Node timed out.) status (2)

22:53:49:504 ra-rtr Trace: (18616 x 8438 : 0 0) RouteComplete:

22:53:49:504 ra-rtr Trace:      Route: CID=(151292,29366599), Labels=0

22:53:49:504 ra-rtr Trace: (18616 x 8438 : 0 0) Dialog sending release call message to Routing Client ID(5009).

22:53:49:505 ra-rtr Trace: (18616 x 8438 : 0 0) Deleting Dialog.


any idea where i went wrong?


Shalid K.C


Hi ,  I figure the issue and

Hi , 


I figure out the issue and my IVR campaign worked. but not satisfied since the call is not continues as the same call. few queries which came in my mind during the analysis.


The dialer dialed the number from the contact list, it went through CUBE and reach the customer. The DN in dialer routing client [DN given in the campaing Skill group selection area] scheduled the IVR Campaign routing script, SendToVRU node send the label back to Dialer Routing Client,

   The dialer call went to CUBE (i am sure it doesn't look in to the DNP host file, but in the Dialer Registry i can see the CUBE IP address). in CUBE  created a dial peer which route the call to CVP. 

 since i am not sure how I can route the call as same call ((is there anything to do with DNIS in the CVP )), i configured a dialed number String in ICM with this label and call the IVR campaign script again. 

the call works pretty well. but i am sure this is not the way IVR campaign works. 

So basically i have two quesion if any one can help me to understand it better

  1.  how the dialer works here without DNP host file

   2. how I can treat it as same and single call


so please anyone can tell how it get works to route the call from dailer routing client to CVP with out using translation route to VRU?

where i missed 



Shalid K.C

Got it. You have the call

Got it.


You have the call just disconnecting ending on the dialer because you are sending the label back.

Send to VRU will not work in this, you have to translation routing.

but before that something on DNP:

DNP host file is used when dialer has to respond to invites coming to it.

dialer will look into host file and reply with refer message to requester.

int not necessary to use this label.

you can do Translation routing without DNP also.


what you can do is:

set up translation route for CVP PG.

where a label will go back to MR PG say 1000

and it will be peripheral target on CVP service.


once the label 1000 goes to MR PG, it will pass to dialer and dialer will send refer message to VG for the label


now have a dial-peer on VG for Dest pattern 1000 and point to CVP call server for which you configured translation routing.


under CVP call server ICM tab, add 1000 as Translation routing DNIS and do save and deploy.


thats if you have everything placed correctly your Translation routing works, and now you have call on CVP.


now you can do send to VRU and it will work.


try it




New Member

Hi ChintanThank you very much

Hi Chintan

Thank you very much for your  help. If you want you can check my config in my lab.


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