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Transfer to VM from Queue?

I would like to set up my script to automatically transfer someone in the queue to voice mail after X minutes. Any ideas? Thanks.

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Re: Transfer to VM from Queue?

Sure you can simply create a coutner varaible, and based on how long your prompts and MOH is you simply increament this varaible each loop and check to see if the desired value is met.

You can also use "Get reporting statistric" step and use the "current wait duration" field.



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Re: Transfer to VM from Queue?

Get reporting statistic based on wait time

place in interger variable

if statement to see if interger variable is greater than x.

True call consult transfer to vm

false go to loop label.

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Re: Transfer to VM from Queue?

Use can use Delay and Call Redirect. Or Include If staments and used a counter to keep track of how long the user has been holding. For both of these examples you'll need to include the hold message and Delay time to get the total hold time.

Attached is a simple script that gives a quick example of these options.

Hope this helps. Please rate if it does.

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