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Translation Route to IPIVR - statistics

In the ICM 7.2 / IPIVR 5.X / CCM 6.X scenario we are using a translation route with 6 DNIS numbers in the translation DNIS pool to use IPIVR for get digits and queue-ing.

Does translation use the first one always? I have not seen it using the second or beyond.

Are there are any stats for

a) translation route failure - sometimes occasionally this happens

b) how many times each of the DNIS pool numbers are used?

By the way if the translation route fails what is the best way to debug and handle it?


Re: Translation Route to IPIVR - statistics

I can help answer part of your question. I don't have specifics in front of me but I recall doing this a few years back. To see how many of the DNIS in the transroute pool are successully routing to the IP-IVR you should run a SQL query on the Termination_Call_Detail table filtering on the IPIVR peripheral number and DNIS values. This should be a good start.

If you find that only 1 DNIS in the pool is taking calls, it could be a configuration issue on the other Route Points. Verify that the settings for the functioning Route Point match those of the non-functioning. If everything appears to be ok and you have an open window afterhours, you may want to think about resetting/restarting the Route Points on the CM.

Also, just as an FYI, beginning in ICM 7.5 there will be actual Translation Route half hour tables to monitor useage. There have also been variables created in order to script around potential transroute issues.

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Re: Translation Route to IPIVR - statistics

Thanks for the above reply. If there are 6 DNIS pool numbers for one translation route to IPIVR - does ICM always choose the first one, or does it round robbin or how does it select the second, 3rd, .... so on? Or will it select the second one if the first DNIS pool route point is busy?

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