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Translation Routes and Trunk Groups


I have different Avaya Definity ACDs with ICM 6.0 and Translation Routing for transfers.

The voice network is configured as "star network" that is, there are two main ACDs that are connected to all the other ACDs. The problem is that there are no direct voice trunk connection between all ACDs and when a transfer is made between two of these ACDs tha call goes through one of the main ACDs.

The Dialing plannig is unified, so you can dial an ACD VDN from every of the others.

The problem is that in some occasions th TR are getting time out and I suspect that it could be due to there are no direct voice trunk groups between every ACD.

I have configured "fake" Network Trunk groups between ACDS with no direct voice connection for ICM configuration purposes.

Is it possible that this trunk config could be causing the TR time outs? Is it necessary that trunks config is accurate to what is in ACD?


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Re: Translation Routes and Trunk Groups

When configuring Trunk Groups on the ICM for Avaya ACD's the trunk group number within the ICM must match the number of the trunk group configured in the Avaya. Also the TAC(trunk access code) should be provided for reporting purposes according to the SMSG for Definity Avaya's.

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