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Trying to set up some queue Variables

I am trying to set some options up in a script and am having a few issues getting them right. Below is the list of things i am trying to do...

Between the Queued label  and the QUEUE_START/Play Prompt step, we could add a Set Counter = 1  step
Between the  QUEUE_START/Play Prompt step and the queueStatus = Get Reporting Statistics  step, we could add an If step to see If Counter > 5
- True = Goto the logic  that offers the call to the Front Desk CSQ via the Select Resource  step
- False (fall through to the existing Switch int step)
Insert an Increment  Counter step between the Play Prompt and Goto QUEUE_START  steps

So my first question is I do not see a "SET Counter" tag to insert. I am assuming it is the "SET" tag I want but then I need to add acounter variable to add to the tag. So  not sure how to add that variable down in the lower box
Dave Peter
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Re: Trying to set up some queue Variables


Are you talking UCCX or UCCE?

If it's UCCX, adding variables is easy - just click the little icons above the variable window, put in the var type (i.e. int for an integer, String for a string - beware case sensitivity), var name, and default value (i.e. an integer for an integer, or a string in double quotes).

Probably worth posting up your script so far, it's easier to follow that way.



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Re: Trying to set up some queue Variables

I think I may have got those variables set up now. I would sure like you to look them over and make I entered them correctly though. This is the first script I have written   I am getting a recording done now for a menu prompt I will add as well as a few other things. I can upload it after those are done too.

Here is what I have so far.


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Re: Trying to set up some queue Variables

I have a complete script attached

with all the variables needed to for call queueing ring back

and timing out after 6 minutes so that a Nurse

queue will ring to the front desk queue. I have not tested this yet but everything is in it.

Would be happy for someone to look over.

basicly this script needs to send to to 2 diffrent queues and then if call is stuck in Nurse queue for 6 minutes it should roll to the Main Desk queue.

I also am trying top figure out if I can make a sound play on the computer when the call is dropped in queue or is the only option to ring a phone?

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