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TTS Server and testing a prompt for text

I've wrote some script that stores text to speech in a prompt and calls and plays that prompt.  Anyway of checking to see if the prompt actually contains something before I make the call?  Like using an If statement  prmtMessage > ?    I saw in Java were they were using prmtMessage.size > 1000 , but the I don't see this as being valid in the ccx editor.  Thanks, in advance for any help.

I thought the solution would work that was offered, but I would always get back 0.0 as the seconds from the tts prompt. Even though I could play it and hear 9 or 10 seconds.
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Accepted Solutions

You could try a "method"

You could try a "method" Gergely wrote up HERE.


You could try a "method"

You could try a "method" Gergely wrote up HERE.

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Unfortunately this works for

Unfortunately this works for wav files already on my system, but not for TTS generated prompts.  It always gives me back 0.0.  Never the error.  I need to be able to tell if a prompt generated by text to speech is empty.  I'd like to do this before I do the outbound calling.  Surely not everyone blindly trusts the TTS server to always hand back a sound file.  To me, if the TTS server goes down or just runs out of licenses or something I don't want to call and play my directions and then play a blank piece.  I tried the nanosecond thing also, thinking it would take longer to actually make a sound clip, but just got random amounts of time, depending on how busy IPCC was.

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