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UC Cluster Upgrade to 10 including UCCX (Upgrade Order?)



We are going to upgrade a customer to CSR10. Currently customer is running CUCM 8.6 and UCCX 8.5. Also Unity Connection, InformaCast, Xmedius, Calabrio, etc.

Checking the UCCX Compatibility Matrix I can see that UCCX 10.0 is compatible with CUCM 8.6. So I was thinking to first upgrade UCCX to version 10.. Calabrio to version 10 and then wait a couple days and upgrade the CUCM Cluster. Is that the best way? First I was thinking in doing the CUCM Cluster first but no sure how UCCX 8.5 is going to handle CUCM 10 for a couple of days.


Thanks in advanced.



Cisco Employee

Hi Jose,Regarding the UCCX

Hi Jose,

Regarding the UCCX compatibility with CUCM, I see that 8.6.2a SU4 is compatible with UCCX 10.0 base and 10.0.1 SU1 version.

If you are on 8.6.2a SU4 version on CUCM, then upgrade on UCCX can be done first. Basically the thumb rule is, ensure that first CUCM is on the compatible version with the UCCX version where we are moving to.

Hope this helps!



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Just to follow up. As per the

Just to follow up. As per the UCCX compatibility document. UCCX 10 was compatible with CUCM 8.6.2SU4. Customer last week did a maintenance window to upgrade their CUCM Cluster to SU4. Now I'm reading the UCCX compatibility guide again and it is no longer there the compatibility with CUCM 8.6.2SU4. Now it only shows up 9.x and 10.x. That was changed on May 29 2014. 

So now we are not sure if we can proceed with the UCCX upgrade to 10.0(1)SU1 and CUCM 8.6.2(SU4). As the upgrade for the CUCM cluster to 10.x is schedule in a couple of weeks.


Any help? Suggestion?


New Member

Hi Arundeep,can you check

Hi Arundeep,

can you check internally in Cisco why the 8.6.2aSU4 release was deleted from compatibility document for UCCx please? It's very important for us if it is because of some BUG or just because of error when adding UCCx 10.5 into the document.

Thank you

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David, We went ahead and



We went ahead and upgraded the UCCX cluster to 10.0(1) and leave CUCM Cluster running 8.6.2a(SU4) for couple of days. Everything was working fine with the existing configuration. However we went to add an application into the UCCX and UCCX was unable to access CUCM configuration when creating a trigger (DP, Regions, Partitions, Locations, etc). It came back with an AXL API Denied Access message. Maybe that's why they removed the compatibility. 

We did upgrade the CUCM Cluster to version 10.0(1) as well and now UCCX is able to create triggers without any problem.


Just to let you know.


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