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UCCE 6.0 to 7.2 Tech Refresh Upgrade

I'm planning a 6.0 to 7.2 TR Upgrade. The 6.0 Loggers are the domain controllers for the 6.0 domain. The 7.2 servers are going to be in the corp domain, not the 6.0 domain. The OUs required for 7.2 are already set up in the corp domain. What is unclear to me from the Upgrade Guide is if I need to migrate AD roles from the 6.0 domain controllers to the corp domain controllers and then demote the Domain Controllers on the 6.0 domain? The Guide states it's required for a Common Ground and may be necessary for a TR.

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Re: UCCE 6.0 to 7.2 Tech Refresh Upgrade

I think the AD roles that you are talking about are the Schema Master, Domain Master, PDC, RID and Infrastructure. If you were moving the domain from ICM 6.0 Loggers to other machines, then you would need to migrate the roles. However, in your case you will be deleting the ICM domain and using the Corporate Domain. The Corporate Domain already has these 5 roles existing. So the answer is, no you don't need to migrate the AD roles.

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Re: UCCE 6.0 to 7.2 Tech Refresh Upgrade

Thanks Chris. That's what I thought just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something.

Re: UCCE 6.0 to 7.2 Tech Refresh Upgrade

make sure you use the same instance names in the new domain, or else your scripts and backups won't restore right!


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Re: UCCE 6.0 to 7.2 Tech Refresh Upgrade


     Hi, we are currently upgrading from 6 to 7.0 and subsequently to 7.5 (TR, new hardware, new domain, new instance).  So far we've staged our W2k3 domain and all the other soon to be ICM servers.

I'm currently trying to migrate the domain users and it tells me that I need to use the Domain Conversion Tool to go migrate the domain users from 6 to 7.

Did you use this tool? I'm also reading that the Domain Conversion Tool was replaced by the UMT (for 7.0 to 7.+).

I can't find any documentation on the Domain Conversion Tool, when I run the executable I can see the different triggers (below) but that's it.

I've done an export and gotten a file but what next?

Do I do a convert now? when I run the convert it asks for the db name, is it going to change my production database?

Or should I now use the UMT and point it to my export file?

Im afraid to run the convert and and messing up my Rogger sideA database?

How did you do it?

any tips and or documentation is appreciated.  Thanks


The syntax of this command is:

DomCvt.exe /DB:dbname /F:filename /M:mode [/OD:old domain name]

          [/ND:new domain name][/P:password]

   /DB:dbname           Specifies the database name to operate on (e.g. cust1_sideA)

   /F:filename          Specifies the full path of the file to import or export to

   /M:mode              Indicates export mode or convert mode

                         E  Export mode

                         C  Convert mode

The following switches are only needed in Convert Mode:

   /OD:old domain name  Specifies the old domain name to convert from in NetBIOS form (e.g. MyDomain)

   /ND:new domain name  Specifies the new domain name to convert to in NetBIOS form (e.g. MyDomain) or DNS form (e.g.

   /P:password          Specifies the default password to be set for all the users in the new domain

Use quotation marks when there are spaces in the file name or password

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