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UCCE 7.2(4) - CAD 7.2(1) - Agent Statistics and CTIOS


When installing CTIOS, there is a check box on the "Statistics Information" screen called "CAD Agent". This is quite new.

When you check this it disables the agent and skillgroup statistics, because Cisco claim that CAD agent/supervisors don't receive these statistics from CTIOS. See CSCsj36371 Bug.

Basically, checking the box sets Agent\PollingIntervalSec to zero and SkillGroup\PollingIntervalSec to zero in the registry.

When you have this checked, CTIOS clients don't get agent or skillgroup stats (as expected).

But I found that while CAD Supervisors get skill group stats (calls waiting, longest call in queue etc), agents did not get any stats.

I've been struggling with this for a little while and last night I turned off "CAD Agent" and set the polling interval to 10 in each. As expected, CTIOS and CTIOS Supervisors on the platform started to get stats.

Surprisingly, so did the CAD Agent. Moreover, so did the CAD Supervisor!!!

According to a TAC response, CAD Supervisors get their stats from CTI server (so that's why it worked) but agents get their stats from CTIOS. So with the "CAD Agent" check box set (and the polling intervals zero'd out), supervisors get stats but not agents. Unfortunately my TAC engineer is on FTO today, so I can't follow up with him.

Have any inmates played around with this? It appears to be working now, but I don't understand the issues.

I'll have a play with the registry and see if I can get both to work.




Re: UCCE 7.2(4) - CAD 7.2(1) - Agent Statistics and CTIOS


I am having a very similar issue today on my go live! All the supervisor Skill group stats work, however half of the statistics for the agents on the CSD are all the same numbers. Does this sound like the same thing?

If so any idea?


Re: UCCE 7.2(4) - CAD 7.2(1) - Agent Statistics and CTIOS

When you say same numbers are those zeros? I've had something similar and this fixed my issue.


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