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[UCCE 7.2] Calltype real time data (SL) vs. RONA


I have a main IVR script with a bunch of options. After the caller chooses an option, the calltype is changed. The Service Level for the calltype and the corresponding skillgroup are 30 seconds. There is a 1:1 relationship between calltypes and skillgroups, but it can be possible that agents belong to multiple skillgroups. Ringtime is set to 12 seconds for all agents.

I was wondering what would happen, if a caller chooses an option, the calltype is changed, but the call is not answered within 12 seconds. The call becomes a RONA call and the calltype is changed (because of the RONA), but the service level threshold is not exceeded.

Will this call never be counted as answered within the service level, even when it is answered by the next agents? (specifically: when looking at the statistics in Call_Type_Real_Time)

Surely I will test this, but any theory would be appreciated.



Re: [UCCE 7.2] Calltype real time data (SL) vs. RONA

Tricky question. My understanding is that the last call type you use (the RONA one) is the only one recorded in the TCD. The last one will have an ASA - since in the previous one, the call was never answered. It overflowed out to th enew call type.

Changing call types always resets the SL, so if it's answered in the RONA situation before the SL threshold, it will be counted as within the SL.

Look forward to seeing your test results. ;-)



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Re: [UCCE 7.2] Calltype real time data (SL) vs. RONA


Thank you for your answer. Do you know if the reporting course covers these situations?

If I'd report on calltype I (and our supervisors) should be aware that RONA calltypes are always included in other calltypes, so they should be substracted from eachother.

By TCD you mean Termination_Call_Detail, right?


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