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UCCE 8.5.3/8.5.4 call volume statistics not matching in interval tables


We have just migrated a call center to UCCE 8.5.3 that runs roggers and ICM call flow scripts that contain very basic flows. In each flow there is basically a one-to-one ratio of call type elements to select skill group elements.

Generally you would expect the call volume (as our scripts are written) to have almost the same call volume in the call type interval table and the skill group interval table, with allowable differences because of RONAs, etc. But basically somewhat close.

In general this does work but after a reboot of the roggers (A and B sides) (logger down first, then router and reversed to start), the skill group interval data lags greatly from the call type interval data, meaning maybe 10% of the call type interval volume. We have learned that completely shutting down both A and B side and then briinging it back up in order from scratch seems to alleviate the problem (until the next restart). We cannot just leave the servers alone though due to company security patching policies.

Cisco TAC had recommended patching to UCCE 8.5.4 which we have recently done, but the probelm persists.

I was wondering if this data discrepancy has ever been seen by anyone else or if possibly some system config issue might be self-deating us? Rebooting the roggers leaves the phone system itself working just fine for the call centers, but the recording of statistics to the skill group interval table is greatly impacted with almost no recording of volume in relation to the call type interval (and for comparison, the call type skill group interval table as well).

We would generally not worry about it, but the workforce management vendor that takes its feed from UCCE only uses the skill group interval, which is basically reporting almost no volume in the mentioned scenarios.

If anyone can provide any information it would be most appreciated/




UCCE 8.5.3/8.5.4 call volume statistics not matching in interval

If you already have a TAC case open when you were on 8.5.3, then I would continue working that TAC case now that you're on 8.5.4.  I've not seen this with 8.5 nor with 9.  Just tossing something out there, any chance your clocks are off on the servers?  Maybe just maybe this might cause an issue.  Make sure all servers are clocking off the same time source.


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UCCE 8.5.3/8.5.4 call volume statistics not matching in interval

Thank you for the response. The time source check is a great idea. We ran into problems before when internal web service servers did not match the PGs (CTIOS service) and CTI provideed stats did not match.

We will continue to work through TAC, but I was just wondering if anyone else had seen this (as 8.5.4 sid not fix it) and if maybe it could have been something self-defeating in our system configuration or scripting. We did not immediately know this was happening until our 3rd party workforce management vendor made us aware.



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