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UCCE 8 Streaming Media

Hi, we have UCCE 8, CVP 8, UCM 8.  One of the issues with CVP 8 is that it now only supports a flat codec.  Where previously you could use G.711 for the vru leg and G.729 to extend the call across the WAN to an agent - now only a single codec is supported.  One question is why this functionality was removed for CVP 8 - but that may be a different thread.  The real question is how to get this to work using streaming media from another source - say a Helix server.  Trying to source the helix server in the ICM scrip and config isn't working - has anyone tried this or something similar?  Specifically using  version 8?

Basically we just want to be able to use an audio source for streaming media using g.729 across the wan for queue music.



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Re: UCCE 8 Streaming Media


There were two separate questions in your request.

1. WRT the flat codec issue for SIP, this is only temporary. CVP will soon be removing the restriction and once again allowing a mix of g711 and g729.  There were some corner cases involving transcoder issues that prevented CVP from totally sanctioning a mixed codec SIP solution.  Those corner cases have been fixed and once testing is completed, the restriction will be removed.  Note that the flat codec restriction applies only to SIP solutions.  H323 solutions can still use mixed codec (provided the IVR portion of the call is G711).

2. The streaming solution with CVP was only tested for g711, not g729.  If you use g711 streaming from the Helix server, and following the configuration instructions in section  "How to Configure the Play Media Micro-Application to Use Streaming Audio" in

then streaming should work.


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Re: UCCE 8 Streaming Media

The Helix server no longer supports streaming WAV files.  The last version of Helix that supported WAV files was version 11 and Helix is currently on version 13 or 14.  We verified with Real Networks that Helix won't stream WAV files, and that's the only format support by CVP.

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