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UCCE : Agent can not Receive call

Hi Everybody

I am implementing UCCE Solution which include three sites, one GW, CCM, IVR , PG for each site. When I make incoming call from PSTN, Welcome message is played. I Press 1,... and press 9 to connect to Agent. The ICM script directs the call to an Agent who I already login and Ready. But Nothing appears in CTIOS client and the Ip phone doesn't ring. In CTIOS client, I only look the Agent Status change from Ready to Reserved. After that, A message appear in CTIOS client : "Your agent state has been set to Not Ready by PIM because some calls were routed to you and haven't been received. Please ask your administrator for help"

Agent and device target configuration are done.

I don't know why. Please help me.



Re: UCCE : Agent can not Receive call

Check the CSS and Partion of your Gatways, CTI Route points and all of your IVR Route ports.

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Re: UCCE : Agent can not Receive call

Hi Karzazi,

I have already checked CCS of GW. It is Ok . Because If I don't use IPCC , IP telephony is Ok.

When I use some IP Phone to make call to DN of ICM Script. Everything is Ok.

Now, My problem is incoming call from PSTN which the Agent can't receive.

Please, make more suggestion.



Re: UCCE : Agent can not Receive call

The CSS of the gateway need to include the Partition of your CTI-RP. Then the CSS of your CTI-RP and the IVR-ports need to include the partition of your agents.


Re: UCCE : Agent can not Receive call

>I don't know why. Please help me.

When the Call Router decides that agent A is the target for this particular call, it informs the PG/PIM to send send the "pre-call" message to agent A - the reservation call. Now the agent is reserved, and the PG/PIM has to follow up by getting the real call to the desktop. If it does not make it, a counter is set. If you do this again, the second failure causes the PG to take the agent to the not ready state - we can't afford to keep sending the call there. That's what you see.

You need to debug why the call is not reaching the agent. Examine the JTAPI logs.

This is a common error, and all parts that support getting the RTP to the phone have to be lined up, as other posters are suggesting.



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Re: UCCE : Agent can not Receive call

Check your device targets for each agent - make sure that each device target has a label for each routing client. For example, if your agent device is 1000, make sure there is a corresponding label under the device target for each CM RC and IPIVR RC.

You don't mention if the agents can receive calls from other sites, but if so, then you will need labels for each IPIVR RC so that each one can send calls to agents at other sites (provided they are on the same CM cluster).


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Re: UCCE : Agent can not Receive call

Thank you everyone.

Now, I already addressed my issue. In Cisco CallManager, Media Terminal Point was not registered.

Now, everything is OK.

Thank you so much

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