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New Member

UCCE Agent Transfer Count To Offnet Numbers (800 Numbers)

We have UCCE 7.1 with CVP 4 and CCM 5.

We use a route point to transfer to off net toll free numbers. Is there a way to get proper counts for the transfer to a particular call type by agent id? Call Type report does not show which agent did the transfer. Will doing a sql query on TCD / RCD will help? What is the best way to get these counts? The script uses SendToVRU followed by Label node for transfer.


Re: UCCE Agent Transfer Count To Offnet Numbers (800 Numbers)

Since you already have the data in the HDS for these types of calls, you should do an analysis of the TCD table and look at a typical call.

There will be a couple of entries for the one call. The switch leg will have its own entry. The leg to the agent that does the transfer will maybe have a CallDispositionFlag of 15 (Redirected) or 28 (Blind Transfer) but other values are possible. You just have to check. The toll-free target (label) should be there as the ANI on this leg, unless the route point shows up. Not quite sure how you are doing this part. Are you using carrier-based Transfer Connect (take back and transfer)?

We did have a route like this at my current customer for calls into the Canada contact center (IPCC/CVP) that had to come down to the US contact center (when still on a Siemens contact center), but once that was converted to IPCC/CVP we brought these down on-net. So I can't remember what we had in the TCD.

The TCD would show which agent owned the call before the transfer.



New Member

Re: UCCE Agent Transfer Count To Offnet Numbers (800 Numbers)

Geoff - Thank you.

The agent uses a 5 digit number route point number to transfer. If I do a

select * from t_Termination_Call_Detail


PeripheralID = "ccm peripheral id' and

DateTime >= '08/20/2009 08:00:00 am' and

DateTime < '08/21/2009 8:00:00 am'


DigitsDialed = and

DNIS = agent extension

I get call disposition of 15. 5028 is a call manager peripheral id. I do not if this query is correct.

Is there a some query for the blind xfer / switch leg?

Does webview have any canned reports for agent transfers using route points in general?

The offnet number is the destination and hence I could not understand what you meant by ANI in your email. Thanks again.


Re: UCCE Agent Transfer Count To Offnet Numbers (800 Numbers)

Sorry, I made an error. "The toll-free target (label) should be there as the ANI on this leg" is incorrect - that should be there as the digits dialed - that looks correct. Sounds like you have what you need.

You can't get detail like this out of WebView, so stay with the TCD. How many entries are in the TCD for this one call? Two or three (check router call key).

What actually happens at this route point? I don't quite understand what you are doing here. I'm a bit confused by the call flow.

The call comes into CVP and establishes the switch leg to the Call Server. The VRU leg is established at the gateway while he customer is queued, and then is torn down and connected to the agent. CVP is still in control of the call.

Now the agent starts a transfer to a number, and you say that this is a CUCM Route Point that runs a script. Is that correct?

This script does a "Send To VRU". What happens with the NVRU label at this point? Does this pause the script and send the NVRU label to CUCM. What happens then?

After the script resumes, then you return a label - the PSTN toll free number? On which routing client is this label? CUCM?

Does Call Manager handle this and send it out the PSTN. What happens to the switch leg?

Doesn't it remain up while the customer goes out to the toll free number - effectively hairpinning the call through the gateway?

I would not mind if you could describe this in complete detail. List all the steps so I can follow. It seems like a useful technique that I maybe haven't used.