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UCCE (CCM + IP IVR + ICM) - IVR failing


just a regular IPCC Enterprise setup, CCM, IP IVR, ICM 7.0, translation routing.

During peak hours, IP IVR is failing, returning 'I am sorry, we are experiencing system problems etc etc". Only restarting the CRS Engine helps.

When rebooting the IVR servers, everything is fine for a couple of days, then this problem appears again.

Did anyone see this before?

If yes, any solution?

What I also noticed the IP IVR sessions go SESSION_IDLE when calls get transferred from the queue (which is just a regular 'play prompt' IVR script) and stay SESSION_IDLE for 3 minutes before disappearing. Is this normal?




Re: UCCE (CCM + IP IVR + ICM) - IVR failing

Please post some IVR/Router/VRU PIM traces.

There is also a Webview report that shows you how many % of your IVR ports are busy.

The ICM script should also have a Global variable (example Variable8= VRU) before you queue Calls to your agents. Using the SQL analyzer (Call Detail Record Table and Termination Call Detail table), select that variable in your query and see if there are any problem in your results (Calldisposition...etc).

Re: UCCE (CCM + IP IVR + ICM) - IVR failing


I guess I can't quite follow you... why shoud an ICM script have a global variable before queuing to a skill group? And what kind of problem should I see in the TCD or CDR?


Re: UCCE (CCM + IP IVR + ICM) - IVR failing

The first thing I would check would be to see if the trans route was configured with enough resources (DNIS). They are free, so I make the number of route points into the CTI port pool as big as the pool.

You certainly want to protect the trans route with an IF node to ensure that the PG to the IVR is on-line (I assume you have a pair of these).

If these two aspects have been followed, you have a standard set up that definitely work. Now you may want to check the horsepower of the IVRs - how many ports on each? What size box? How much RAM?

Is the VM size high when you have to stop and restart CRS? CRS is Java so it may be that you have to increase the heap memory and the stack memory (args to Java) to let it expand more.

Re: UCCE (CCM + IP IVR + ICM) - IVR failing

Hello Geoff,

finally, a useful post! I really appreciate it! :-)

We've got 55 CTI ports per IVR server. I have already configured 75 CTI Route Points for the translation routing application / IVR server.

The ICM script also checks for the number of trunks idle per IVR Network Trunk Group>Trunk Group + whether the IVR peripheral is online + whether there is enough trunks in service.

The IVR's >>should<< have the necessary power, at least this kind of a machine... It is a 7825H04 server. The RAM is 2 GB.

Regarding the CRSJavaEngine process - it is nearly 600 MB's... I cannot stop/start the engine at the moment.

How do I increase the heap memory and the stack memory?

Thanks in advance, have a nice day,



Re: UCCE (CCM + IP IVR + ICM) - IVR failing


OK, you've covered all the bases I could think of.

I don't have an IP IVR with me (I'm doing more with CVP these days), but the standard way to start JAVA and specify the heap size is something like:

java -Xms1024m -Xmx1024m

so if you can find the config file that starts the CRS Engine you may be able to find the place where these params can be either changed or supplied.

That's an older 7825, I think. 2GB of RAM and CRS is using 600MB by itself? Mmm. Could be a leak, eh?



New Member

Re: UCCE (CCM + IP IVR + ICM) - IVR failing

Hi Sir,

How did you solve it?? Now I've found the problem like you. Please, suggest.

IPIVR 7.0 with SR5.+ICM7.5.7+CUCM7.12



Re: UCCE (CCM + IP IVR + ICM) - IVR failing


actually, it was solved when I installed the 4.0(5) update onto the IVR server.

What I heard from a CCBU guy was that many customers were complaining about "various unrelated crashes" when running CRS 4.0(4) - so they finally figured it out and applied the fix at 4.0(5) and onwards.

To be quite honest with you, I have an UCCE 7.5.x system running with IP IVR 7.0(x) at a customer of mine but I never come across with such a problem.

Could you please give us more details? Is it always happening?


New Member

Re: UCCE (CCM + IP IVR + ICM) - IVR failing

Dear Sir

    Thank you so much, now I've found that it is wrong from my IVR script. I'm using IVR Post-Routing Script (that use ICM to route the call), in my script it have the Redirect object to route the call to  IP Phone directly. It made the ICM confuse because call have to be controled by ICM. That I need some suggestion from you because on my IVR Script, the call have to be routed to Agents via ICM and routed directly to IP Phone also. So, the IVR just used only to play prompt and collect digit then send to ICM, after that ICM route the call to agents or just ip phone.

    Please, advise me about script deployment on ICM side. Thank in advace.

Best Regards


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