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UCCE CTI events for not logged-in device

Is it possible for UCCE CTI server to send events for devices that do not have an agent logged in? These devices are controlled by pguser but may not have an agent logged in to them.


Re: UCCE CTI events for not logged-in device

If a logged in agent calls another contact center phone which is observed by ICM JTAPI, one would imagine that a delivered event might be generated and that a CTI client, acting as an all events bridge, would receive it; or a CTIOS Session object in Monitor mode.

I'm not certain, but it makes sense.

I'm sure this is not an abstract query.



Re: UCCE CTI events for not logged-in device

I do see a call established event when performing a warm transfer to such a phone, but it is followed by a call end event as soon as the transfer is complete.

What we're actually doing is working on an install with Verint call recording. The customer wants to record agent calls which are subsequently transferred to supervisors who may not be logged in to their phones. Verint has been unable to record these calls after transfer because apparently they are not receiving the right CTI events  (the audio is recorded but not "tagged" with any extension data) . They are saying that there must be some configuration error on our end that is preventing these events from being sent, but I've never heard of any such configuration. We haven't changed CTI registry settings or anything like that, it is as it was installed by default. In my experience when a call recorder needs to hook up to CTI you just give them the server IP and port and away they go. There is no way I am aware of to increase the amount of events being sent that is under the server's control. Have you ever run into anything different, especially with Verint call recording?

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