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UCCE Integration with HP Service Manager

Hello Experts,

I have a query hope someone can answer. We have a customer who is using HP Service Manager for their internal ticketing, and we have implemented UCCE(7.2) and CVP 7.X. Both the products are not integrated as of now. Now customer wants both the products to be integrated with each other. Like on IVR when caller gets the option press "X" to goto service desk, when caller press X, he/she will get prompt saying please enter your employee number and then call shall goto service desk with all the caller related information popped up at HP screen not CAD.

My question is, is it feasible? if yes, could you guide me right direction on how can this be achieved? is it something to do with CTI development? as i dont see any readymade connector like other products for integration with UCCE.

Also can please point me to the document which talks about ready to integrate CRM's with UCCE?

Your response will be appreciated.




Re: UCCE Integration with HP Service Manager

Jeez, this rings a bell. I remember building an integration into Service Desk quite a few years ago out of CTIOS. It was a just a matter of calling an executable with the correct arguments (extracted from Call Variables) on the command line.

If you have CAD you can do a similar thing to launch an executable with command line arguments. I think this was a bridging application that called HP Service Desk. But it was a long time ago and things have changed.

But look into CAD workflow. It's pretty flexible. If you can put the data into call variables on the way through your script, you can dig these out at the client and make things happen.

You may have to write the bridging application.



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