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UCCE - JTAPI gateway - anyone using custom JavaRunTimeOptions ?

The JTAPI gateway settings are in PG\CurrentVersion\JGWS\jgw1\JGWData\Config. The defaults for JavaRunTimeOptions include "-Xms32m -Xmx256m".

This defines the default min stack size as 32MB and the default max stack size as 256MB.

I'd like to increase the min stack size and max stack size. Sun recommend server components should have these pretty high, and the same. There's 4GB of RAM in the PG and it's only using 1.3GB. I'm thinking min 256MB and max 512MB, or something like that.

The reason is the customer's network management system gets a lot of noise from the continual reporting by the JTAPI gateway that the JVM on 1 of the PGs has less than 50% free memory. This fills up the log and hides more important things.

Sure, you can restart the gateway and it will be Ok for a while, but that's not a solution.

Quite frankly, these settings look a bit low to me when there are close to 1000 IP phones being observed.

Have any of you bumped these up? I'm not expecting any problems if I do that, but am looking for your experiences.



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