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UCCE Routing Script: Call in Queue; as soon as agent becomes available; call goes to voicemail

Can anyone help?

I've created a routing script that queue's to a skill group, and if no agents are available, it simply plays a brief audio saying agents busy, then plays music for awhile.  If no agents are still available, call routes to voicemail.

Within voicemail, caller has option to press a digit to go back into the call center to try for an agent.  Call enters the queue, but as soon as the agent becomes available, call goes straight to voicemail.



How are you sending the call

How are you sending the call to VM? Also, why would you have the option to send the call back to the CC from VM if you know that the CC is busy, just seem as a poor customer experience.



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Thank you for the input David

Thank you for the input David.  I'll admit I'm no expert, so if there is a better way then I'm open to ideas.  I have no training in the scripting...

In this case, the queue is short (about 45 seconds), and because of the nature of the business, the clients calling cannot be called back in many cases, so this group wants the opportunity for those types of callers to go back to see if they can get to an agent.

The call goes to voicemail via the 'label' having the extension that is the DN and CTI RP for that voicemail box.

So, there is certainly a

So, there is certainly a problem when going from VM to UCCE, I would look at the CSS or something within the UCM which might be blocking calls going from the CTI RP to the agent's extension. That's the only thing I can think of.

Now, if this was my CC, I would leave the customer on hold until it is answered. If leaving a VM will not get them a call back, that is horrible as is the expectation of leaving a VM is to get a call back.



New Member

Calls to VM get returned, and

Calls to VM get returned, and this would apply to a good percentage of these callers.  This return-to-que method is an option that would appeal to a percentage of callers who physically cannot be called back - the caller cannot be called back personally.

Thank you for your input.

What about changing this a

What about changing this a bit and giving the customer the option to leave a VM. While in Q, give them the options to press 1 to leave a VM. Then you remove the VM option to go back to the CC as the customer has purposely chosen to leave a VM.



New Member

Thank you David.  Really, I

Thank you David.  Really, I have no scripting knowledge, so I wish I knew how to do that.  I reviewed some of the scripts that were put in place from the original partner from 6 years ago and am trying to develop this script from those.  Unfortunately we don't have a script that shows what you're stating...  Tried looking online for some basic scripting templates etc. but haven't come across anything.

If you want to maintain that

If you want to maintain that same caller experience, a better option would be to present a menu in call center while the call is queuing - some message along the lines of "Press 1 to stay in queue, otherwise please leave a voicemail...". If the caller presses 1, you continue queuing, if they don't press anything, you send them to the voicemail box. Using this method, you don't artificially skew your call center statistics.

If you're jumping back and forth between call center and the voicemail system, each return to call center looks like a new call - most of your Call Type and Skill Group statistics would be quite inaccurate. ASA would show better than it actually is, Offered would be higher than actual, and Service Level would potentially (but not always) show better than actual.


New Member

Thank you Jameson.  I had

Thank you Jameson.  I had just posted a reply to David stating that I have no scripting expertise at all.  I wish I did.  If this is something simple, would you consider putting together a small how-to, to incorporate that?

Do you use CVP or IP-IVR? The

Do you use CVP or IP-IVR? The menu method changes slightly depending on which you use.


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New Member

Hi Jameson,Can you please

Hi Jameson,

Can you please shed some light on how the voicemail will be treated? suppose the caller is queued and the maximum time he can stay in queue is 4 minutes,  after this time expires, to which agent extension the voicemail will be sent? how it will reach one of the agents in a specific skill group?

I have no experience in unity.

Thank you in advance.


Lara,How to choose which VM


How to choose which VM box to send to is entirely up to you and how you build the routing in ICM. I generally route to a team voicemail box. In most of the sites that I administer, each team has a voicemail box specific to their whole team, in addition to any personal vm boxes.

I suppose you could potentially distribute voicemails across multiple individual vm boxes, but the difficulty with that is determining which boxes to send to, and when... I would not want to send to a box of a person who is out of the office for a week, unless that call was specifically for that individual.


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