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ucce - supervisor desktop not showing all statistics when agent login from a custom java app


i would appreciate if someone could help me with the following problem. Both logins from Agent Desktop Application and from our custom Java Desktop application (integrated with the jtapi) are successful.

We noticed that when agent is logged in through our java application, its statistics are not shown in Supervisor Desktop Application. Only information is displayed that an agent has been logged in, but when same user is logged in through the Agent Desktop App, all statistics are shown. (Team agent State Display). Here is example of my code for login action. Print screens with visual presentation are in attachment. First picture shows how supervisor application looks like when a user is logged in from our application and second picture shows the supervisor app state when user is logged in from Agent Desktop Application

if (m_ctiAgent != null) {

            // Get agent info from the entry fields





            // Set the properties on the agent object

            m_ctiAgent.SetValue(CTIOS_AGENTID, agentId);

            m_ctiAgent.SetValue(CTIOS_AGENTPASSWORD, agentPassword);

            m_ctiAgent.SetValue(CTIOS_AGENTINSTRUMENT, agentInstrument);

            m_ctiAgent.SetValue(CTIOS_PERIPHERALID, agentPeripheralId);

            m_ctiAgent.SetValue(CTIOS_AUTOLOGIN, 1);

            // perform SetAgent



and in OnSetAgentModeEvent is the acctual login method calling (ctiAgent.Login(rArgLogAgent);)

Hope someone will help us, thanks in advanced


ucce - supervisor desktop not showing all statistics when agent

I would say the supervisor desktop (CSD) is getting the agent info from CAD services, instead of the CTIOS server itself. I wonder if what your trying to do is supported.

CAD and CSD works something like this ..

CSD/CAD <-> CAD Services <-> CTIOS Server

where as your custom app communicates with the CTIOS server, and not CAD sevices.

I would expect the CTIOS supervisor desktop to work correctly. Can you test that?


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ucce - supervisor desktop not showing all statistics when agent

Brian is essentially correct.  CSD stats have a dependency on CAD being deployed.  He's also correct to suggest the CTIOS Supervisor Desktop as an alternative in a UCCE environment.


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Re: ucce - supervisor desktop not showing all statistics when ag

Currently we have CTI ToolKit Supervisor Desktop which is working just fine, all agents are listed and agent monitoring is enabled. Only call recording option is not available here and this is the major reason why we are trying to find a way to list all agent statistics into the Supervisor Desktop application.

Is this somehow even possible? Is there any way that we can start the cad services when user logged into the java app through the jtapi? Please share your experience it means alot to me.

Is CTIOS Supervisor Desktop different than CTI ToolKit Supervisor Desktop?

Thank you, Ema

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Re: ucce - supervisor desktop not showing all statistics when ag

We found a solution with just enabling multiple logins in the cisco regsitry and login the user from the cad app and also from jtapi. All events are synchronized in both cisco desktop app and our custom java application.

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