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UCCE - Trunk Group configuration

Hi guys,

I have setup a UCCE 9.0 in a lab environment.

And am following the Cisco guide:UCCE Installation and Configuration Guide

I am setting up an UCCE with IP IVR system, so have configured System PG.

According to the documentation, when setting up the trunk group, the peripherial number for Unified IP IVR trunk group should be:

  1. Match a CTI Port Group ID Configured on the Unified IP IVR
  2. Be an Odd Number
  3. Be Unique for all Unified iP IVRs handled by an UCCE System PG.

I really do not know how to proceed here, as the documentation is contradicting itself.

The rule 1 and 2 can not both be for the same peripherial number.

As in my case for example, the CTI Port Group ID is number 2 on IP IVR. (and this number is auto generated, it's not something you can change).

And number 2 is obviously not and odd number, so it contradicts with number 2.

Please can somebody clarify this for me?




UCCE - Trunk Group configuration


yeah, documentation from Cisco on contact centers is something I would definitely throw out and start from the very beginning on a new concept.

Anyway, I think you'd be better off with a good old Generic PG, not System PG.

The only restriction is that the CTI Port Group ID (at the IP IVR) must match the Trunk Group Peripheral Number (in ICM).

Basically, you create a new Network Trunk Group. Name it "NTG", for instance.

Then create a Trunk Group, one for each IP IVR. Your UCCE is supposed to be redundant (otherwise it won't pass Cisco's requirements), so you need to have at least two IP IVR's, or, in ICM's terminology, VRU's. So you'd probably end up with two Trunk Groups. Name them VRU1.TG1 (ICM A -> IP IVR 1) and VRU2.TG2 (ICM B -> IP IVR 2).

Finally, add Trunks. You'd probably use the wizard (click Multiple...). Trunk number (ICM) = phone number of the CTI Port.

That's it. Next comes the Translation Routing business. Good luck.


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