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UCCX 10.5 AppAdmin Parameter - Not allowing a backslash to be added to string parameter - gets removed

I have a script where the prompt directory is a parameter exposed on the "Application Management" web page.

The way the script is structured is that it expects the directory name to have a backslash at the end of it.  Example

In the script the full prompt path is created such as:  (all variables are string)

FullPromptFile = DirectoryName\ + Filename.wav


In all the past versions of UCCX that I've worked with (4,7,8,8.5,9.x) I could edit the directory path name, as a parameter, on the AppAdmin web page including the trailing backslash and it would save and work properly.

In UCCX 10.5 when I save it, the backslash is simply removed.  The save appears to work correctly but going back to the webpage the backslash at the end of the string (inside the quotes) is simply gone.

Tested in multiple browsers (IE 10 and FF 30) and multiple workstations

See screen captures below.


After the Save


Normally in a String, '\' is

Normally in a String, '\' is an escape character..trying using 2 of those '\\' (escape the escape)

Hi,use forward slashes.G.


use forward slashes.


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I opened a TAC case on this

I opened a TAC case on this issue.

Turns out this change was made in UCCX 10.0 and forward.

Prior to 10.0, the backslash was accepted in the web interface for an application parameter.

The fix is to use a forward slash in all file and URL paths.

The interesting part,  the script "engine" still works fine with file and directory paths using a backslash in 10.5.  Its only the web interface change, under app admin, that is causing the issue.

I agree with TAC's recommendation that all file and URL paths use the forward slash instead of the backslash on the Linux platform.  This is the case of using scripts previously developed and that used to work but should have been changed to use the new Linux method.


There was nothing in the release notes about this.

Heads up to all.

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Bug ID assigned to this

Bug ID assigned to this issue

UCCX: String set as app param can't have trailing backslash
A string variable defined as a path with a trailing backslash, used as a prefix, loses the trailing backslash.

UCCX 10.0 when the string is defined as a parameter and modified on the Application configuration page.

Modify the script to use front slashes instead, or code the backslash in the beginning of the next string which is concatenated to the prefix string.
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