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UCCX 10.5


We are planning to upgrade CUCM from 8.6 to 10.5. Currently UCCX runs at 9.0 eventually we will be upgrading to 10.5.We are not planning to use finesse.


These are the things we need to know

1.Will there be any functionality changes from 9.0 to 10.5 in terms of agent perspective

           - Will there be any layout difference in CAD

           - Any changes in receiving / making calls from CAD

           - Ready state / logout changes

2.Any changes in CUIC reports ?

3.Any changes to be made in existing scripts in 9.0 to 10.5 ( we use create xml files / retrieve xml files from repository)

4.CUCM changes for 10.5

5.Third party application compatability

6.Call Barging / recording




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For CAD/CSD, no as these are

  1. For CAD/CSD, no as these are no longer being improved upon.
  2. CUIC will add Live Data but this is not typically used until you convert from CAD/CSD to Finesse. The release notes do stipulate a few new outbound reports..
  3. Assuming the scripts are all "legal" then no. At most you may need to open them in the new editor, save, and reupload to convert the underpinning Java code.
  4. Lots of things have changed in CUCM but not specific to CCX.
  5. Too broad of a question. Anyway, check with the application vendor to ensure they support the 10.5 release.
  6. Again, for CAD/CSD same process.
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Thanks a lot Jonathan for the

Thanks a lot Jonathan for the clarification.

Could you also let me know is there any changes in email integeration with CCX 10.5 ?

We use a template in script to send an email to the group if the agent doesnt pick up calls in CCX 9.0.

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Only script step change is

Only script step change is the addition of a Make REST API step. Email remains as-is.

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