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UCCX 10 HA fallback to primary(previous master node) failed with error "already loged in".

Dear Experts,

I setup UCCX version 10 HA and do test now.

When do HA failover from UCCX-A(master) to UCCX-B(Sub), CAD automatically re-logged in to new master server(UCCX-B) and it works fine.

After some time, both are in-service state and I checked by cli all db replication status is active.

Then I tried to fallback from UCCX-B(master) to UCCX-A(Sub), then all the time i got error message.

First time, it showed "The request to log into the Cisco Unified CCX application server timed out, Please verify your system is online and try again".

Then I clicked Retry button, then it showed another prompt showing "The specified ID is already logged into an exetnsion, Would you like to logout the ID the ID so you can log in ?". so If I click "Yes" then I was logged out.

But If I click "No", then I am connected as "Not ready status".


I don't know why this pattern is existed in this HA, why it doesn't show same behaviour from each failover.

Please help me on this issue if you can.







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