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UCCX 10 - running Finesse and CAD simulatenously

Cisco's documentation indicates that CAD and Finesse cannot be run at the same time and that one has to deploy/use either CAD or Finesse. However, the CAD service is never shut down when Finesse is activated and remains running. On my test server, I was able to have both, CAD and Finesse, running and have agents use both clients on the same server.

Is there any additional information that explains in more detail the impact of running CAD and/or Finesse and why they can't be run at the same time? Or if they are, what the side-effects and possible negative impacts?

After I have upgraded to UCCX 10, I would like to gradually switch users over to Finesse. But instead of forcing everyone to switch to Finesse at the same time, I would like to switch one department at a time so I can work out any issue with a small subset of users first. Does anyone have any experience with this?


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UCCX 10 - running Finesse and CAD simulatenously


Pls see the below question and Answer from UCCX Chalk-Talk UCCX 10.

4:Since from UCCX 10 , we can only use either CAD or Finnesse at one time, whats the impact of changing this after some time in production, let say , i used CAD for 2 months and then i decided to move to Finesse, whats the impact ? or is it a smooth change as switching CUIC and HRC in previoius release ?

Ans.For the scenario you mentioned, there is absolutely no problem. The point to note is that the Finesse services are activated/deactivated but the CAD desktop services are ALWAYS running. The only condition to keep in mind is that you can use ONLY ONE type of agent desktop at any time. Also if Finesse is not used and CAD operations are used extensively, it is advisable to shutdown the Finesse service.


Mukesh Singh

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Hi,Yes i too have no problem


Yes i too have no problem running both CAD & Finesse at same time. I tested it by logging into both Finesse & CAD with same agent ID/Extn. Both the desktops received the call & able to answer & end. However this may impact the performance with higher scale of agents if we are using both.



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