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UCCX 11.x IVR based Outbound Campaign Details not populated in IVR Script



I have an scenario as described below,


  1. Make IVR Based Outbound call via Campaign.
  2. Upon successful human answer, invoke the IVR application trigger configured.
  3. Retrieve the Contact details like, BAAccountNumber, BABuddyName. The values are read using GetSessionInfo.
  4. Greet the caller using their BABuddyName via TTS.


But whenever I try to read the contact details, I get all the values as NULL. Is there any specific configuration to be turned ON or by default it is enabled. If it is default then why I am not able to read those BA values. Kindly assist me.


Note: The Session Context values in script as follows,




















Your immediate support is highly appreciable.




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Re: UCCX 11.x IVR based Outbound Campaign Details not populated in IVR Script

I'm guessing you may be running into the same issue I ran into. If you are using a dialing prefix for your outbound IVR calls, remove that and make sure your dial-peers do not strip or modify the outbound digits in anyway. This resolved the issue in getting the account number, campaign and call result to come through as expected. Still working on the others. I'm using UCCX 11.5SU1.


UCCX: Outbound BA Call Variables Return 'null' If Gateway Dialpeers Append and Strip Digits
1. The UCCX script uses the Get Contact Info step to get the session ID of the call.

2. The UCCX script then uses the Get Contact Info step for that session to populate the outbound BA variable.

3. The BA variable names assigned are the proper case since case matters.

4. Even though the above steps are followed properly, the BA call variables are populating as 'null' in the script as seen from the Engine (MIVR) logs and/or the UCCX Script Editor debug mode.

Once the gateway determines the call result of the call (after live voice or voicemail is detected, etc), UCCX writes the BA variables and the dialing contact to memory in the IVROutboundContactKey table. See the engine logs for example:

%MIVR-SS_RM-7-UNK:RIMgr:addToOutboundSIPCallDetail Adding Key = IVROutboundContactKey [campaignID=1, contactPhoneNumber=876530991] Value : SIPOutboundDialingListData [dlcID=101, callResult=1, campaignType=0, agentID=null, campaignName=OB_IVR_Campaign, csqID=0, campaignID=1, phoneNumber=87650991, firstName=First, lastName=Last, accountNumber=0123456789, timeZone=-240, transferedOrConferenced=false]

If the gateway dialpeer inbound from UCCX appends digits to the UCCX campaign's called number and then removes the digits on the outbound dialpeer to the UCCX CTI port, UCCX will not be able to return the BA call variables to the call since the number that is written in memory has appended digits, while the call presented to UCCX does not.

In the UCCX Engine log snip-it above, the digits 91 where appended to the dialed contact 8765309 to give 876530991. The 876530991 number is the number associated with the BA variables.

When the call comes back to a CTI route point after stripping the 91 digits, UCCX will use the original number 8765309 and will not be able to find that number in the IVROutboundContactKey table.

Do not use gateway dialpeers to append and strip digits for UCCX outbound calls.

This is a documentation defect to add this information to the UCCX Administration guide.

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