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UCCX 4.0 to UCCE 8.0 Migration

Customer has UCCX 4.0 - 4.0(5) SR(01) ES(01) Build 15 and the CRS application has no customization involved. NO DB steps or java classes or Web service is involved.

It’s just a straight forward application. The IVR application has been written for use with UCCX which we need to change it to IPIVR.

What are the check list that we should have when we do this CRS to IPIVR migration?

For example remove the Contact service queue steps and queue statistics steps.

At present the application makes use of dynamic prompting with the help of get xml document method. These XML files are stored in C:\programfiles\wfavvid\ in the windows IPIVR version. Now that in version of IPIVR 8.0, which is based out of Linux operating system where would these files reside?

Please let us know what else do we need to take care from the entire migration point of view.


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