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UCCX 5.0 - Recording enviroment

Hello All,

I have a CCX 5.0 server with many geographic distributed agents. Then I can not deploy a recording server in each site. Also, I can not store recordings in the agents PC, and the, the only solution I have in mind is to place the recording server, in a mirror port of the router that connects us to PSTN. Is this config posible? If so, will all the conversations of Call Manager be saved or only those selected by CCX agents? Once the calls selected are recorded, how are those records distinghised? Many thanks all for your help.

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Re: UCCX 5.0 - Recording enviroment

You don't need a recording server at each site if you use the agent based recording. All you really need to do is enable the "Span to PC Port" setting in CallManager for each phone. There are some client NIC requirements but most of the issues have been resolved.

The calls will show up in the supervisor desktop under "Recordings".

Hope this helps.


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Re: UCCX 5.0 - Recording enviroment

Thanks for your answer.

unfortunatly, my users use IPCommunicator and Phones without PC Port, then I need to do with servers.

Do you think this is posible?


Re: UCCX 5.0 - Recording enviroment


If your budget permits, you could look at third party solution such as Witness 7.8.1 and Nice.

I have tested Witness with CUCM 6.0 and it works fine for agent environment.

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Re: UCCX 5.0 - Recording enviroment


We will be able to locate agents in only to places, and will have two recording servers, receiving the taffic from IP Phones using port span. Do you know if this should work? I have made some tests and see files in the recording server, but with 1k length. I am using g711.

Many thanks

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