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UCCX 5.01 standalone to HA upgrade/migration


on Sunday I have to upgrade a CUCCX 5.01 standalone server to a failover/high

availabililty cluster. Has anyone experiences with them?

I have 2 Questions

Is it possible to backup the data from the standalone version and put it

in the high availabililty version without any problems? Because I know

the standalone version based MSDE and the HA version requires SQL Server


Otherwise is it possible to upgrade a running standalone cuccx with msde to a

HA/failover version with sql 2000 and add a second server?



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Re: UCCX 5.01 standalone to HA upgrade/migration

Hey Steffen, did you have any luck with this?

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Re: UCCX 5.01 standalone to HA upgrade/migration


no it was very successfully. I installed the SLQ 2000 on the standalone server to upgrade the sql database and then I tried to join the second server, but the process stopped because it still marks the sql database as msde. Afterwards I installed a complete new standalone server with sql 2000 and tried to restore a backup of my first server, unfortunately it has not worked,too.

So I setup almost new with sql 2000 and tried again to join the second server, but during the database migration process to the second server there are coming up several sql error messages in the migration popup log and afterwards some required services are not coming up.

Only some manuelly changes in the sql database by a sql genius has solved the problems.

Re: UCCX 5.01 standalone to HA upgrade/migration

As standard practice, you should have a good backup prior to performing this task, but you do not need to rebuild the server to add HA. You will need to install the full version of SQL on the existing non-HA server. This version of SQL is provided in the UCCX media bundle. You will also need to add the HA license to the system. After building the secondary HA server, run the initial configuration (appadmin) and select the "add new server to a cluster" option. Once you are finished with the initial config, you will need to go into appadmin and perform a re-sync of JTAPI.

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Re: UCCX 5.01 standalone to HA upgrade/migration

Make sure you are using Cisco's version of SQL also. I had a Cisco SQL disk lying around that I used the SQL Re-use utility from the Downloads section on Cisco's website. The only issue I ran into with moving to HA was that the Call Control Groups did not get associated properly with the jtapi_2 user. I was forced to delete all of the call control groups and re-add them in. Once I added them back in, the HA server came to "IN_SERVICE."

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