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UCCX 5.X and TTS Requirement

I am looking for some information on TTS requirements. What we want to do is play back information to a caller after this information is populated into variables from DB Read and DB Get steps. The information will consist of account numbers, dollar amounts, names (first and last), etc. Do I understand correctly, that TTS is required to play back the names portion of this, but we do not need it to play back the account numbers and dollar amounts?

Furthermore, would it potentially be required for the dollar amounts if we want to play back something like "10 Dollars and 30 Cents".


Re: UCCX 5.X and TTS Requirement

You are correct, the names will require a TTS service.

Also, the dollar amounts will playback in the format you gave as an example, with no additional TTS service.

Anthony Holloway

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